May 27, 2022

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Incheon Asian Games 2014 Athletes Village

Incheon Asian Games 2014 Athletes Village. Ever wonder how does it look like? What do the athletes do in the village?

Incheon Asian Games 2014 Athletes Village is only accessible by coaches, players, officials and VIPs. As one of the social caster sponsored by Samsung, I visited the village a few occasions for interviews with Team Samsung Malaysia athletes, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong.
samsung incheon athletes village overview


The village is built for the Incheon Asian Games so the whole area is brand new. Similar during our Commonwealth Games in Bukit Jalil. This area is very strict and we have to go pass heavy security check before we entered the village.

The condominiums are built for the games and you can see the flags outside the windows put up by the athletes.

There are shuttle buses for athletes from here to Incheon Asian Games stadiums and halls. There is a time table and schedule for all the buses.

The area is clean and you can see many athletes from all around Asia walking around.

samsung incheon athletes village service center


Other than the dining hall, the Athlete Services Center is the place most athletes and coaches chill and hang out. There are also some mini activities available here.

samsung incheon athletes village mascot art


When you enter the center, you will be greeted by the Asian Games mascots.

samsung incheon athletes village resting hall


This is one of the halls where everyone is chilling and chatting. The center is quite big and there are other sections as well. There are game rooms available as well as Karaoke room.

samsung incheon athletes village center


The Samsung Athletes Meet is the highlight of the center. They can check out the latest gadgets from Samsung and also touch, feel and play with it. You can find many Samsung ambassadors here at this place.

pandelela rinong samsung athlete meet village


Pandelela Rinong is one of them. She was holding Samsung Pad Type S.

Samsung Incheon Games Lee Chong Wei selfie


Not forgetting Dato’ Lee Chong Wei who is a regular here. Whenever he is around, he will create commotion as many other athletes want to take pictures with him especially all the staffs in the place.

samsung inchen athletes village playing wining eleven

I took some time to play Winning Eleven here too with my friend Yoo Jin.
samsung incheon athletes village coaches watching live games


You can see athletes and coaches checking out live updates from the Asian Games.

samsung incheon athletes village gift shop


There is also a souvenir shop too and you can find many athletes shopping here most of the times.

samsung incheon athletes village shooting game


There are many game rooms and trust me, you don’t want to compete with these guys. They are professionals.

samsung incheon athletes village pins exchange


Outside the center, I stumble upon this special area. Pin change area. These are pins collectors who are willing to exchange pins with athletes.

samsung incheon athletes village ironing area


This is how the “dobby” looks like. Cleaning service is free for athletes and coaches.

samsung incheon athletes village washing machines


This is just one row of the many rows of washing machines in the dobby area. All of them are Samsung washing machines.

samsung incheon athletes village condominiums

Thanks to Pandelela Rinong who brought us and toured the village with us.
This exclusive visit is sponsored by Samsung Malaysia.



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