February 9, 2023

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Samsung NX 1 4K HD Video Fireworks

Samsung NX1 is the best mirrorless camera produced by the Korean company so far. Thus, many industry experts such as photographers, magazines and websites rated Samsung NX 1 is one of the best cameras for 2014 and also the best mirrorless sport camera. Not forgetting about this camera is the 4k HD video.

The camera is running on the new HEVC (H.265) codec, a newer codec and better than the conventional H.264 codec. However, since they are the innovators, popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro are not compatible with this new codec. Thus, Samsung offers new conversion software but it is a hassle. For quality, you have to compensate with the rendering time but I am very sure that the codec will be widely accepted soon. It is just the matter of time.

(Screen captured from 4K video, very sharp and crisp)
So I loaned the camera from a friend and tested the 4K HD video with the fireworks I took during Chinese New Year.

There are two fireworks, 49 shots and 138 shots. I put it at ISO 3200, f 2.8- 3.2, 1/30.

Fireworks 49 shots with 4K HD.

(Fireworks 138 shots with 4K HD.)
So I shot it on 4K HD with Samsung NX1, convert it and uploaded it to Youtube unedited. Must say, the videos are impressive at ISO 3200. It will take a while to load and depending on your graphics card. It can be draggy at 4K resolution.

I noticed some jump frames on the video and I did ask around.

The issue most likely is the Class 10 SD card I am using as it is recommended to use UHS SD Card. I am getting the UHS SD Card for more 4K HD video next weekend. Stay tuned.

So far, the camera has been very impressive. The difference between Samsung NX 30 and NX 1 is so vast. The improvement of ISO and quality is outstanding. I have not done the comparison with DSLR yet but maybe I should try soon. Stay tuned.


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