December 3, 2021

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6.The Native Wildlife

Tasmania is the last home of several mammals that once roamed the Australian continent. So be quiet and look out and you may come upon a wombat family dining late or a shy platypus.
tasmanian devil 1
And you are sure to hear the chilling screams of the Tasmanian devil. They look cute but in actual fact they are predators! Don’t be fooled by its cute outlook as they can really bite!
tasmania baby wallaby
Thus, you will bump onto many wild animals in Tassie and I bumped to a baby wallaby in the carpark! How cool is that?
tasmania night tour
If you think night safari is cool, wait till you do the night wildlife tour. I did mine in cradle mountain and it was fun and yet funny as we tried to find animals in the wild in the middle of the night!

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