October 3, 2023


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7.The Seafood


Tasmania’s clean waters fresh from the Southern Ocean are ideal growing conditions for seafood such as oysters, scallops, abalone, crayfish and fin fish. Our Atlantic salmon, abalone, scallops, octopus and rock lobster are served in the best eateries around the world. Cast a line for a plump trout, shuck oysters fresh from the sea and make sure you have some packed to take back home.
tasmania seafood
Tasmania’s is the Adventure Island. Fly through the trees in the north, plunge into hidden canyons, reignite your spirit conquering our glaciated mountain peaks including Cradle Mountain. Escape the everyday by diving beneath the surface, hopping on a wilderness cruise or taking a thrilling mountain-bike ride down Mount Wellington. You can rev up or unwind – its your choice.
tasmania scallop pie
One of the most popular food in Tassie is the scallop pie. Interesting enough, it is only sold in Tassie. I always heart Australian pies and the scallop pie comes with savoury curry sauce with flavourful scallops. One is never enough.

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