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Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan in Western Australia Day Three.

It was a good sleep and many thanks to the fantastic wine at “East meets West” dinner. After breakfast, the entourage moves on to Busselton Jetty.

Busselton Jetty.

Why are we visiting a jetty? Do you know that Busselton Jetty is the longest timer jetty/pier in the Southern Hemisphere? The heritage listed Busselton Jetty extending almost 2km over the protected waters of Geographe Bay.

You can’t see the ending of the jetty from the starting point. With the clear blue sky, Busselton Jetty is ideal for family outings and photography too.

Margaret River Farmer’s Market

After Busselton Jetty, we moved on to Margaret River to visit the Margaret River Farmer’s Market. This is the most popular Farmers Market in Margaret River.

Fresh, bargain with heaps of locally produces food and other goodies are up for grab at the market.  Stalls are manned by the growers and producers themselves providing you with a diverse range of prime south west produce.

You can find many fresh food here and also some of the best local produce. This is Margaret River’s version of “pasar tani” of Malaysia.

Chef Wan met his fans here as they waited for him. His fans most of them are migrated from Malaysia and Singapore cooked some food for him and also gave him some gifts for his grandchildren. Even some of the local sellers recognized Chef Wan as he looked around the market.

Chef Wan also bumped more of his fans at Margaret River shopping arcade as he was wandering around.

Lunch at Watershed Restaurant & Café

We headed to the Watershed Winery to dine at Watershed Restaurant and Café. The vineyard is absolutely stunning with its breathtaking view of the vineyard and also the dam.

We had the tasting plate of tomato tartar, salmon and scallops followed by the choices of mains of Barramundi fish and Tagliatelle. The restaurant offers unique Australian style menu best complemented with Watershed Premium Wines.


Margaret River Gourmet Escape at Leeuwin Estate

Next we moved to the most important itinerary of the trip, the Margaret River Gourmet Escape at Leeuwin Estate.

We explored explore Margaret River Gourmet Escape at Leeuwin Estate. This year event brought to you by Siemens showcase an unparalleled line up of over 25 international and local food & wine celebrities in over 15 stunning bespoke locations and premium focus on “the world’s best”.

For a first timer like me, the Margaret River Gourmet Escape looks like a big scale food festival. Leeuwin Estate is huge but the place is still packed. It is unbelievable to see so many foodies around for this event.

Most of the best restaurants, wineries and food stalls are here and the queue is long! Everyone was sitting down almost everywhere as if it is a large picnic gathering.

As usual, Chef Wan was recognized by many of his fans and he was stopped in many occasions for pictures.

I went to VIP area with Chef Wan as we had the access to the Audi Platinum Lounge. There, Chef Wan met most of his friends such as Chef Rick Stein and Chef Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck.

The Margaret River Gourmet Escape at Leeuwin Estate is an eye opener. Chef Wan did mention that we should do similar things like this in Malaysia to promote food in our country. Our food trail didn’t stop there as we travelled to Castle Bay Beach for more food!


Audi Gourmet Beach BBQ at Castle Bay Beach

Audi Gourmet Escape BBQ is one of the highlights of 2014 Margaret River Gourmet Escape. It is one of the sold out events for Gourmet Escape 2015. I was there with the press and Chef Wan for a Gastronomic feast.

There I met Australian celebrity Anna Gare and celebrity Chef Dan Hong. It was a night of unlimited booze and palatable BBQ food fest party.

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