June 8, 2023

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Mission Foods Malaysia Launches Masterchef Adam Liaw Food Truck

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Mission Foods Malaysia Launches Masterchef Adam Liaw Food Truck

Food truck is the trend now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The craze of food trucks started from last year and there are more and more food trucks now in the capital city.

With the popularity of the food trucks, Mission Foods, the world leader in flatbreads and tortilla chips launched The Little Red Food Truck in Malaysia recently in collaboration with Australian MasterChef winner, author, and TV host, Adam Liaw. Malaysian-born Adam was engaged to create the menu for the Mission-sponsored Food Truck which will start making its rounds in selected spots in the Klang Valley starting June 15.

The Little Red Food Truck features mouthwatering recipes from the famed chef using Mission Foods products such as wraps and naan. Although the there’s been an onset of Food Trucks in the Klang Valley recently, this will be the first food truck that features the entire menu by an international chef. Fans of Adam Liaw can now look forward to having a taste of his recipes right here in Malaysia!

There are five main items on the menu that Adam is sure Malaysians will love as it’s Asian-inspired yet with his signature flair – Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa, Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Wrap, Coconut Prawn Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Mayonnaise, Lamb Shank Rendang with Sweet Radish Achar, and Roast Carrot Hummus with Avocado Wrap.

Adam has taken laksa as we know it to whole new level with the Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa. Each tender piece of chicken is marinated with a special laksa paste recipe, then deep fried on the truck before topping with a refreshing pineapple salsa, fresh with every order. Each bite promises an explosion of taste and textures.

The hearty, mouthwatering Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Wrap is Korean inspired and will definitely be a popular choice in Malaysia. It is a great choice to jazz up breakfast or lunch. If beef is not your thing then there’s the aromatic Coconut Prawn Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Mayonnaise, promising all the flavours that Malaysians love but reordered in the most delightful way. Biting into this wrap will be an experience on its own.

To suit almost everyone’s palate, there’s the hunger-inducing Lamb Shank Rendang with Sweet Radish Achar. Rendang is given a gourmet twist with an unforegettable crunch and sweetness from the achar. For those looking for something lighter and for the vegetarians, there’s the Roast Carrot Hummus with Avocado Wrap, which is creamy and sweet from the mashed caramelized carrots, deliciously buttery from the avocados and with a slight crunch from the fresh vegetables. I guarantee one is not enough!
Adam Liaw brought the wraps to a whole new level. All the wraps are freshly made and they are healthy and tasty. I am a meat lover and I love the wraps.

For those who are not familiar with Adam, he shot to fame by winning the Australian Masterchef Season 2, which still holds the record as the most watched programme in Australia. His unassuming ways, and his amazing talent with food made him the show’s favourite. Here he will be showcasing his much loved signature style, inspired by his time in Malaysia.

Adam Liaw’s collaboration with Mission Foods will be bringing something new to the local food scene, as there has never been an international celebrity chef linked to a food truck in Malaysia.

I am a big fan of Adam Liaw and this is the third time I met him in person. Well, I am sort of his big fan but if you watch the Australian Masterchef Season 2, you will admire him.

This time, I had really a lengthy chat with Adam. He is such a down to earth person and he shared his food adventure in Europe as well as talking about his family. He also talked about some of his latest events in Australia.

I hope to see him again in one of his events in Australia. Maybe next year or the near future, I am not sure but I have gut feeling I will meet Adam again.

The gourmet wraps are for sale on The Little Red Food Truck which will be making its rounds in the Klang Valley following a set weekly schedule which will be shared on Mission Foods Malaysia’s facebook site, www.facebook.com/missionfoodsmalaysia. Price ranges from RM 6.99 to RM7.99 (not inclusive of GST). Go and try to grab them as this is a rare opportunity to taste a Masterchef’s good food in a food truck.

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