January 27, 2023

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How to Advertise on Instagram

Instagram will not be the same anymore. If you are seeing pop-up ads or sponsored post on your Facebook, well it is going to happen on Instagram soon. Yes, it is time for Instagram to earn some money.

We are not a big fan of Instagram and you can see we were not active in Instagram until recently. Before you read on, please be nice and follow us on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/placesandfoods


We are more active on our Facebook Page at www.fb.com/placesandfoodspage and we are trying to love Instagram as much as we do like our Facebook. So remember to follow us at Instagram for that little support. Now, how to advertise on Instagram? We know that it is matter of time that Instagram will allowed advertisement and sponsored post. It is just the matter of time and that moment is getting closer.

If you have a Facebook Page and you can notice that there is an option for Instagram Advertisement in the Setting option.

You can connect your Instagram account by keying in your username and password.

It has not started yet but it will come soon and digital media agencies and brands will rejoice as there is an awesome platform to spend. Instagram captured the younger crowd than Facebook and youngsters, teens as well as young working adults prefer Instagram than Facebook. Pinterest on the other hand is for a different market segment. If you plan to advertise on Instagram, please do have a Facebook Page and wait for the official announcement. The videos on Instagram will prolong to 30 sec than 15 sec as announced.

Read more on the Instagram Advertising Basics at: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/976240832426180?_rdr=p

It will be a brand new era for Instagram and you will see many sponsored posts soon. Will Instagram lose its loyal Instagrammers due to this? We doubt so but there will be many new Instagrammers for sure especially clients and media buyers monitoring their sponsored post. For superstar wannabe, it will be time to see how deep is your pocket to spend on Instagram advertisement to gain your popularity like many did on Facebook. Thank you for reading!


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