December 8, 2023


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How to Apply Malaysian Passport

How to apply Malaysian Passport? This is the question comes to my mind when I want to apply the Malaysian Passport for my son, Zen recently. He is less than 2 years old and he has no MyKid (apparently it ran out of stock) so what and how to apply the Malaysian Passport?

Malaysian passport how to apply

  1. Find location of Immigration Offices or UTC offices

Find the location of the nearest Immigration offices or UTC (Urban Transformation Centres) near your home or work place.

UTC Pudu Sentral (Puduraya) is one of most convenient and popular UTC offices in Klang Valley. However, you need there very early or else you need to take a long queue.

malaysian passport utc kajang
Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia at Kompleks Perhentian Kajang

Thus, I went to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia at Kompleks Perhentian Kajang which is far out from the city  as the crowd wasn’t that bad and the service is quite good. I went on a weekday to beat the crowd.

  1. What you need to bring to apply Malaysian Passport

Credit to the Malaysian Immigration Department, apply Malaysian Passport is very simple now.

You do not need to fill any forms and you also do not need to take any Passport photos.

Just bring along your MyKad, MyKid (if any), Malaysia Birth Certificate (if you do not have MyKid), you recently expired Malaysian Passport for renewal.

malaysian passport taking picture
My son taking the picture on the spot at one of the counters. It is so convenient now.

They will take the picture for the passport instantly in the office and save the hassle of taking your Passport photos.

  1. Pay for Malaysian Passport

Effective January 15 2015, the rates of Malaysian Passport have reduced. You need to pay immediately while applying for Malaysian Passport. The new rates are as below:

Malaysian Passport 2015 rates or fees:

New Malaysian Passport for Five Years fees: RM 200

Malaysian Passport for Five Years for senior citizens, children below 12, Haj pilgrims, and students below 21 and studying abroad fees: RM 100

malaysian passport utc number

We paid RM 100 for my son’s Malaysian Passport fees.

  1. New Malaysian Passport collection

After making payment, you can collect your brand Malaysian Passport. Depending on crowd or traffic, the collection time can be fast or long.

passport malaysia

For children, it is extremely fast. It takes only 10-15 min of waiting time to collect my son’s new Malaysian Passport. The entire process is around 30-40 min only!

malaysian passport 2015

Overall, I am very impressed with the speed and also improvement of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. It is so simple now without filling any forms as well as bringing any photos. The steps in applying or renewing Malaysian Passport are totally reduced and they are more efficient now.

We hope this will help in solving your queries on How to Apply Malaysian Passport, thanks for reading!

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