September 23, 2021

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  1. Prayer

For Buddhists, they will visit Hatyai for prayers. There are few popular temples in Hatyai and so far I visited three of them. One is located in the city while the other two is located off the city.

Wat Pah Koh Suwanaram blessing

There are some motorists will drive their new car to some temples to get blessings from monks. That’s why you can car number plates comes with golden Thai charms.

There are also people who visit temples in Hatyai for Thai Buddha amulets for blessings. Some will go back once a year or a few times a year. It all depends on the individual.



  1. Massage

The massage is something everyone will look forward. Be it a male or female as most massage centres are unisex.

One hour of massage therapy can go as low as 200TB (depends on centre) and also the condition of centre.

Picture is credit to Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia.

For tourists who had long day in Hatyai will usually visit the massage centres or call the masseurs back to the room.

Thai massage is relaxing and also health beneficial and I know some of my friends who go on massage spree in Thailand especially the ladies.

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