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  1. Portuguese Duck Rice

This is a very unique rice dish. Their version of Portuguese Duck Rice is duck rice cooked in pot and topped with slices of bacon and sausage.

macau top 12 food duck rice

You get slices of duck meat cooked with the rice. The rice is fragrant with the oil from the bacon and sausage.

This dish is available in most Portuguese restaurants in Macau.


  1. Cod Fish Cake

Cod Fish Cake is not the usual fish cake but it is another unique food. The shape of the cod fish cake never looks like a cake but it looks like more like a potato.

macau top 12 food cod fish cake

The cod fish cake is oval in shape and it is deep fried to perfection. The ingredient is mainly potato with mixture of cod fish. The texture is mainly potato and it is slightly dry but it is something you should try because it is unique.

Cod Fish Cake is a simple food that you can find in Portuguese restaurants in Macau.

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  1. Please, correct the name, is not balcalhau but bacalhau. A simple search in google may show the correct portuguese word for Cod fish: bacalhau. Cheers, Nuno

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