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  1. Tau Fu Fah

Tau fu fah or soy beancurd is a common Chinese dessert. However, Macau’s version is slightly different than usual. The usual tau fu fah is usually served hot but Macau’s version is served cold with milk and they do sell the usual hot tau fu fah

The cold version of tau fu fah served with evaporated milk (Carnation Milk) and it is quite tasty. Their texture of tau fu fah is very smooth and so far we visited two of the most popular shops in Macau.

macau top 12 food taufufah

However,  I still prefer their hot tau fu far as the texture is smooth and tasty. It is hard to find such good quality tau fu fah anymore.

They are Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao and Firma U Tac Hong Macau Tofu Specialty Restaurant.



  1. Serradura, Saw dust dessert

Serradura is a local dessert and the name is translates to “saw dust”. Of course, it is not “saw dust” by any means but a delectable cold dessert.

macau top 12 food serradura

Serradura is a cold dessert made of cream, crushed “Marie biscuits” and condensed milk. It is sweet, tasty and addictive. You can taste the soft texture of the cream and also the crunchy texture of the crushed biscuits and some they add in crushed cashew nuts.

You can find Serradura in restaurants, cafes and dessert shops in Macau. Our little advice on enjoying Serradura, eat it while it is still cold. Enjoy this marvellous Macanese dessert.

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  1. Please, correct the name, is not balcalhau but bacalhau. A simple search in google may show the correct portuguese word for Cod fish: bacalhau. Cheers, Nuno

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