December 1, 2023


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Keroncong Laksa Flavours of Family by Malaysia Airlines

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Keroncong Laksa Flavours of Family by Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines recently released a new video on Youtube by the name of “Keroncong Laksa”. We all know what is laksa (spicy curry soup) but what is keroncong? There are a few definitions of keroncong but for this video, it is musical.

keroncong laksa

We spoke to Mr. Hisham Salleh, the director of this video and other Youtube hits on the directions of this video. He directed many Malaysia Airlines hit videos such as Lundang to Newcastle (2.3 million views), Blessings (1.6 million views) and Fitrah (1.2 million views). In fact, Blessings of Malaysia Airlines is the number one most watched Youtube Ad in Malaysia for 2015.

keroncong laksa vege

While the previous videos emphasize on emotions and dramas and my favourites are Terbang, Blessings and Fitrah, Keroncong Laksa is a totally new concept which taken us by surprise too.

Instead of the usual 8 to 10 minutes short film focusing on harmony, culture of Malaysia, the new video is less than 2 minutes which is a big challenge for Hisham.

keroncong laksa family

According to Hisham, Keroncong Laksa is a story about family love and food. It is part of 12 mini episodes on Youtube and he added that “Home lies in the connections we make, relationships we treasure and memories we hold dear. Where we find love is where we are home. Malaysia Airlines believes in bringing you closer to home, closing any gap, time and distance in between”.

Why Laksa?

Malaysia Airlines are serving four types of laksa in Golden Lounge. See the connection?

Keroncong Laksa is a simple narrated video focusing on family love and food. The big catch is you have to watch the remaining episodes to understand the whole series. It is missing the usual drama and emotions in the video but it is still worth to watch this video.

Do you like Keroncong Laksa?

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  1. this laksa no try before. long time no seat this airline, last travel with my parents and sis by this airline to visit my bro got 15 years already now

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