February 1, 2023

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

There are two parts in our review. This page is non-spoiler while the 2nd page comes with spoiler. We managed to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens Premiere Tickets in TGV Indulge a few hours ago.

For those who are not familiar with TGV Indulge. It is part of TGV Cinemas in Malaysia and currently it is in One Utama and it offers fine dining and a lux-comfortable cinema experience. We know it sounds crazy as you can actually dine in the cinema hall as well with service.

TGV Indulge Dining Hall


It is almost a flat-bed type of chair and similar to airlines first class cabin. You can stretch your legs and there is one blanket for everyone. The blanket is clean and changed for every movie.

We have watched in the TGV Indulge a couple times because not just it offers a great ambience but great privacy. On top of that, the food prices are reasonable, good and the movie tickets are priced at RM 45 (on weekdays) per person only. You have to experience the total comfort for cinema experience and only available at TGV Indulge. It is also available for private functions and for more info, visit http://www.tgv.com.my/cinemas/halls/indulge.html

For the movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens, it is one of the best Star Wars movies in our own opinion. It is definitely better than the first three episodes.

It is quite similar to A New Hope (Episode 4) and there are many story telling in this movie to continue for Star Wars Episode 8 and 9.

All the main casts are in this movie and the new bad boy Kylo Ren is something you should look out for in this movie.

There are not many locations scenes but the battles are not disappointing.

Yes, there are lightsaber duels scenes and we are not going to say more.

The overall movie is quite typical Star Wars movie from top to end.

The movie is good enough as a start and newbies do not require to watch the earlier Star Wars episodes unless they want to know more about the origin.

For Star Wars The Force Awakens Premiere, there is no secret ending at all.

We love the story telling of this movie and can’t wait for Star Wars Episode 8 and 9.

We hope we didn’t spoil the movie further so you can enjoy watching the movie.

For spoiler, coming soon.



23 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

  1. Im thankful that you didnt list any spoilers. haha. But yes, TGV indulge is a really nice place to watch a movie 😀

  2. OMG~ you are so lucky, you have the chance to watch the premier~ I want to watch it but too bad I’m having my exam now~ Will watch it after my exam~

  3. I love love this movie! Just had the chance to watch it this afternoon <3 It just make my childhood memory come back. I use to watch and love star wars when I was just kids XD

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