October 3, 2023


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How much is Musang King Durian in Hong Kong?

For true durian lovers, they know that Musang King is one of the best durians in the world and they are widely available in Malaysia. The flesh of Musang King is deep yellow in colour and the taste is strong. Even the best durian title is now owned by Black Thorn durians, Musang King is still one of the most sought after durians in Malaysia and Asia.

musang king hk large

During durian season, Musang King can fetch around RM 18 per kg in Kuala Lumpur which is the lowest we have seen. It can go as high as RM 70+ per kg in the tourist areas in the city while some stalls are selling around RM 30 – RM 40 ++ per kg during off durian season.

Have you ever wonder how much is the Musang King Durian selling in Hong Kong?

Our friend, Jac who is currently staying in Hong Kong, helped us snapped a few pictures of Musang King Durian at Three Sixty Supermarket in ICC Kowloon.

HK ICC musang king durians large

They are selling HK 321.60 per kg which is RM 181.50 per kg! The price is more than double than the price in Kuala Lumpur.

HK ICC musang king durians picture

Few things you need to understand about Malaysian durians and Musang King Durians. The lifespan is shorter which is around a week so it is worth every penny. Of course, if you want to have eat Musang King durian like no tomorrow, it is cheaper to come to Malaysia and enjoy during the durian season.

HK ICC musang king durians from malaysia

So if you think you are paying RM 60 – 70 per kg is too much for Musang King, the Hong Kongers are paying HKD 321.60 (RM 181.50) per kg!

HK ICC musang king durians

An average Musang King in HK cost around HKD 700++ while the small one is HKD 500++! You can literally have a truck load of Musang King in Malaysia with that price.

That’s why it could be cheaper for them to come to Malaysia and feast for Musang King Durian and also other amazing local food. It is time to visit Malaysia and keep calm and enjoy Musang King.

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  1. crazy prices in Hong Kong.. even at RM38/kg, i feel its pretty CRAZY tooooo.. i remember once upon a time in ampang area, durian season, musang king durian max was only RM24/kg

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