February 6, 2023

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Food Matters Healthy Meals Delivery

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Food Matters Healthy Meals Delivery

We are living in the world which is spending most of our time in the office than spending more time at home. The daily routine of waking up early in the morning and try to beat the traffic jam to reach on time and try to finish the never ending workload till late and we ended up spending most of our time in the office.

Time is essential and food matters too. It is never easy to get healthy food in restaurants or coffee shops near our workspace. We know the best way is to wake up early to prepare our own food and bring it to the office. However, in reality how often do we visit the market to buy food and how often we cook? The answer is almost zero except you are living with your parents or you have a maid.

We have been spoilt by the most delicious food in the world in the form of char kuey teow, chicken rice, nasi lemak, wantan mee and drinks like white coffee and such. Thus, we are aware of the sugar and calories intake but it is simply tough to get healthy food with reasonable price and we read about Food Matters food deliveries on Malay Mail recently.

Of course there are many other food deliveries out there but when it comes to healthy and reasonable pricing, there is only a few.

We went to order for our lunch recently with Food Matters on their website to check out their taste of their food. Thus, we ordered enough for the whole office to taste.

Vietnamese noodles

The delivery was on time and the packaging really impressed us. The lunch boxes are hard paper boxes good for recyclable and the labels are very impressive, similar to some of the lunch boxes we seen in UK.

Every label comes in Calories, Fats, Protein and Carbs Count. Some labels even come with important notes such as Vegetarian, Contain Nuts or Gluten Free. We have friends with nuts allergy and the allergy attack is not funny at all. Thus, having proper labels like this is very important and this is really such a detail and great job from Food Matters.

We ordered Tandoori Wrap, Ayam Percik, Pumpkin and Barley Salad, Vietnamese Rice Noodle, Tomato and Squash Pasta with Meatballs, Nasi Ulam, Thai Rice Salad and Nasi Lemak.

Pumpkin and barley salad

The perception of healthy food is salad but if you check out the menu at Food Matters, they have many sinful dishes with low calories. Take their Nasi Lemak for example, how can Nasi Lemak only worth of 398 calories? It is all about food science and the quality of the food.

Food Matters Nasi Lemak Packaging and Label

Instead of using normal white rice infused with coconut milk, they use “healthier” rice and only chicken breast tastefully cooked with turmeric together with egg, cucumber, fried anchovies, nuts and sambal.

Nasi Lemak

The same goes to other meals and they are healthy but never compromised with the taste. It all goes down to the quality of the food as well as using the right ingredient and method to cook.

Ayam Percik

The best part is they have different meals every day and it is as low as RM 10 per meal delivered to your door step. Please take note that they have over 40 healthy choices of dishes so you won’t be eating the same thing again and again.

Thai red rice salad

If you want to start to eat healthy and stay healthy, you should visit their website at FoodMatters.me and currently they are still expanding their coverage area in Klang Valley so please contact them to check availability in your area.

We love their delivery service, the packaging of the food, the labels, the quality and the taste of the food as well as their reasonable pricing.




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  1. Vietnamese food delivered to your home.. how awesome… I will definitely be checking this out… convenient when ordering something for my daughter when she is home alone…

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