May 31, 2023

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Tip’s Bake House Chidlom Road

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Tip’s Bake House Chidlom Road

Recently, my friend opened a bakery with her friends in Bangkok. The name is called Tip’s Bake House and it is located at 20/3 Chidlom Road Lumpinee Patumwan. It is just next to the 7 Eleven store and below Pacapo Music School.

The shop is newly opened and they started operation just a few weeks ago. The owners are best friends Tip and Bua. Tip is an entrepreneur while Bua is a baker. Bua studied in bakery in UK and she has been selling her cakes online. This is Bua’s first physical shop and she will be in Tip’s Bake House full time doing what she does best, baking.

It is a small lovely shop and we were there during the first day of operating coincidentally.

What to order in Tip’s Bake House?

Coconut Cake

This is Bua’s top seller cake and we loved it. The cake is soft and covered with coconut cream and topped with coconut flesh. It is not too sweet and it is tastefully done. We don’t mind to have more of this. This is a must order.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Let me be frank, they don’t cook their spaghetti bolognaise on the spot but it is delivered fresh daily to their bakery from Tip’s hotel, Baan Khun Nine. They will reheat the pasta before they serve.

We love the taste of their spaghetti bolognaise as the taste is not too sweet or too sour, just nice for us. This is comfort food, nothing too fancy or complicated.

Shibuya Toast

There is this craze on Shibuya Toast and Tip’s Bake House version is not disappointing at all. Since we were there for the first day, they are still trying to perfect the recipe for this. The outer crust of the toast is crispy and soft inside. It is completed with the cream and the scoop of ice cream.

Banana Toast

Lastly, we had their version of banana toast. Two pieces of bread buttered and lightly toasted with sliced banana and sprinkled with slices of almond. It is then completed with cream and ice cream. This is sinful but it is delicious for sure.

Well, so far the food we tasted at Tip’s Bake House is so far so good. Since we visited them on their first day of opening, there will be more cakes coming soon in their bake house.

If you are in Bangkok and wanted a cool place to chill, you can visit them and enjoy some pretty good cakes and pastries. The map to their bake house is as below.

Tip’s Bake House Chidlom Road Address, Map and GPS Coordinate:

20/3 Chidlom Road Lumpinee Patumwan. Bangkok, Thailand

GPS: 13.747246, 100.544294

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  1. The coconut cake is really tempting. Plus the decor is really adorable – definitely looking forward to visiting this place 🙂

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