December 3, 2023


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Pratunam Vendors Told To Move Out

If you have not heard this, Pratunam vendors are asked to move out by this Tuesday (March 7 2016)! This is a campaign started since 2014 by the government to clear and reclaim public space after complaints of insufficient walking area.

pratunam market move out large

Thus, last week there was an official announcement to move vendors in Pratunam Market as well as the Flower Market. You can read the official news from the press regarding the Pratunam from BangkokPost.

How many vendors in Pratunam are affected?

From the report, 112 vendors are told to move out as soon as tomorrow. Furthermore, they might revoke permits to areas where 576 vendors currently sell their goods legally under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

pratunam market alley

We are unsure which 112 vendors are moving out tomorrow but most likely the traders near the main road leading into the main market. This is the Pratunam Market located opposite of Platinum Mall.

pratunam market alley shops

For the fate 576 vendors stated in the report, we are unsure will they be moved or not. Thus, we will update with more concrete news in the future. The busy and packed Pratunam Market will not be the same again and I hope the main market will remain as it is one of the key highlights for shopping and tourism in Bangkok. It is also the uniqueness and the identity of the city.

Where are they moving to?

There are three places available for the traders. They are Bangkapi market, the Tha Din Daeng Market and a privately owned market in Soi Phetchaburi 29. We have not been to this three markets but hopefully will make a trip one day.



0 thoughts on “Pratunam Vendors Told To Move Out

  1. This is pretty upsetting to the traders I guess, but personally I cannot find anything interesting there… I prefer shopping at the Platinum mall across the street… air con comfort, amazing deals and better quality…

  2. Oh no…don’t have the chance to shop thoroughly there and it moves out…
    Hope to visit the 3 markets as mention when I visit Bangkok again.

  3. Indeed sad news to people who love shopping in the area. I hope the prices still remain as how it is even if they have moved.

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