October 1, 2023


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4 Festivals You Must Visit on April

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4.Kanamara Matsuri (Penis Festival) in Kawasaki Japan

You read it right, it is the Japanese Penis Festival or better known as Kanamara Matsuri. This Shinto festival is held each spring at Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki Japan. The exact day of the festival is the first Sunday in April every year.

Kanamara Matsuri on 2009

The phallus or the penis is the central theme of the event and you can see many different types of phallus paraded during the festival. This is one unique festival and we hope to make it there one day in Kawasaki.

Kanamara Matsuri on 2009

Kanamara Matsuri on 2009

*The pictures of Kanamara Matsuri are sourced and copyright by Takanori.

We hope you like our festival recommendations in April and thanks for supporting and reading us.

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