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Baan Kun Ya Centrepoint Bandar Utama

Some time ago, we visited to this Thai restaurant located in Centrepoint Bandar Utama. The name of the restaurant is called Baan Kun Ya in Thai means ‘grandma’s house’.

baan kun ya centerpoint interior

If you follow our blog, we travel to Thailand quite often. At least 3 to 5 times a year and in 2016 alone, we visited Thailand twice. We love Thai food even and never had enough of it.

Baan Kun Ya opened last year and not many people are aware of them. They are located on the first floor of Centrepoint in Bandar Utama. From the outside, it looks ordinary but once you step in, you get to experience the Thai side of this restaurant.

baan kun ya centerpoint

The interior designer did some great work to recreate the feeling of a Thai grandma’s house in Baan Kun Ya. Wooden tables and wooden chairs with some of the items they brought in from Thailand.

baan kun ya centerpoint dining

They have a few sections in the restaurant, there is an outdoor section and there is also a private room which you can book.

Let’s check out their menu. Most of the dishes are very authentic Thai dishes and the chefs are from Thailand. We were there for lunch with a few of our friends and we tried most of the food from their ala-carte menu.

baan kun ya ice blended coconut
Ice blended coconut.

For drinks we ordered their signature ice blended coconut and cha yen (iced Thai style milk tea).

baan kun ya centerpoint cha yen
Cha Yen – Thai style iced milk tea.

The ice blended coconut is refreshing and the Cha Yen is sweet and tasty as it is.

baan kun ya tom yum goong
Tom Yum Goong (with prawn)

We didn’t order starter and straight to the mains and desserts. For soup, we ordered their creamy Tom Yum Goong (prawns). They have the clear spicy version of Tom Yum with choices of vegetarian, prawn or seafood with size of small or large. We love the taste of the Tom Yum and it wasn’t that thick was we thought. However, we enjoyed this and it goes well with rice or fried rice.


baan kun ya Khao Pad Ta Ley
Thai Seafood Fried Rice (Khao Pad Ta Ley)

Their version of Thai Seafood Fried Rice comes with a fried egg. There are also tiger prawns but hidden below the egg. The taste is quite good and we enjoyed this as well.


baan kun ya panag phet
Smoked Duck Curry

The smoked duck curry comes with thick red curry with coconut milk. The smoked duck is the packed smoke duck (you can find in the supermarket) but we love the combination. The mandarin orange slices offer hints of citrus to this gorgeous red curry.


baan kun ya Khai Jiao Poo
Thai Style Omelette with Crab Meat

Fluffy egg omelette stir fried with crab meat. Comes with banana leaf as base and topped with fish roe. This is something new and we never recall having this version of omelette in Thailand. The taste is quite ordinary to be frank, not order worthy unless you are an omelette lover.


baan kun ya steamed sea bass with lemon sauce
Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon Sauce

We always prefer to order steamed fish than fried fish as you can taste the juiciness and the freshness of the fish. Of course, you can’t go wrong with fried fish but steamed fish is also a healthier option especially in Thai restaurant. The steamed sea bass is tasty and it blends well with spicy lemon sauce. This goes very well with rice.


baan kun ya mango sticky rice
Mango Sticky Rice

How can we not order mango sticky rice in a Thai restaurant? This is one of favourite desserts whenever we travel in Thailand. The version of mango sticky rice is probably a ‘cuter’ version with smaller portion and sweet mango (imported from Thailand) and thick and rich coconut juice. One is never enough.


baan kun ya centerpoint Khanom Tub Tim Krop Har See
5 Coloured Crispy Rubies

This is one of the most beautifully presented ruby desserts we encountered. They coloured the rubies (water chest nut) in five colours give the colour contrast with jackfruit.

baan kun ya centerpoint Khanom Tub Tim Krop Har See top view
5 Coloured Crispy Rubies Top View

The taste? Sweet of course and this is very addictive too.


baan kun ya centerpoint look choop
Look Choop

Look Choop or mung bean candies are popular Thai dessert. Each and every candy is homemade and handcrafted. The process to create these candies takes skills and time. The outer layer is jelly type will the colours are food dye with inner layer of mung beans. You can never have enough of this.

There are some hits and misses but most of the food is good. The ala-carte food prices are on the high side but their set menus are very affordable. The restaurant is also a good venue for small events, parties and gatherings. Do book the table with them in advance to avoid disappointment. This is a recommendable Thai Restaurant and we will definitely go back there again.


Baan Kun Ya Centrepoint Bandar Utama Address:

F107 F110, 1st Floor, Centrepoint, No 3, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone:+60 3-7733 3337

Hours: Open today · 11:30AM–11PM

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  1. Nice – The Thai food here looks really appetizing and it is certainly very tempting. Didn’t know that the restaurant was at BU though, should check it out 🙂

  2. I guess I have not been to Centrepoint Bdr Utama for 2 years, or maybe 3. Guess it changed a lot. I wonder why when I was staying at somewhere else, the place will have so limited place to dine, but then when I shifted, it started to have new restaurant/cafe opening… =(

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