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Losing 7kg in 20 Days with HCG Weight Management Program

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Losing 7kg in 20 Days with HCG Weight Management Program

Is it possible to lose 7kg in 20 days? The answer is yes and I did it and I lose around 7.6kg. I was 103.2kg twenty days ago and I am now 95.6kg. As you can see, I am losing fat and increased my muscle.

The big question is how did I do it?

Before I am going to elaborate more, please read how did I lose 4kg in 8 days. This is the second story on my weight management program with Nexus Clinic. Like I mentioned on my first story, it is time for me to lose weight for the better. Life is not just about myself now but also my wife and my boys. If there is anything that can help me to lose weight, I will do it with minimal time and effort.

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With the guidance from the doctors in Nexus Clinic, I am now going through the 40 days HCG Weight Management Program. Nexus Clinic is an aesthetic centre located in Wisma UOA II. They are run by license and professional doctors in this field.

nexus clinic with doctors
In Nexus Clinic with Dr Joseph and Dr Jasmine.

A reader asked me a few days ago what is the difference between an aesthetic centre and a slimming centre? One big difference between the both is there are qualified licensed doctors in aesthetic centre.

What I am doing now is changing my lifestyle and eating habits. Not so much of using machine to slim my body.

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What happened in this twenty days?

On top of getting my HCG doses, I am changing the way I eat, what I eat and my bad habits. If I want to lose my body weight, then I need to change. There is no such thing as no efforts in losing weight. It is either by controlling the food intake or intensive exercise. No shortcuts.

What do I eat now?

If you read my first story, I am doing a 500 calories diet. Yes, I am trying hard to follow the meals. So I have fruits, vegetables, white meat for my meals. I am having grilled fish or chicken almost every day minus the oil and the seasonings. I am not taking carbs so twenty days without rice or noodles.

I have put the packet drinks, 3 in 1 drinks, soft drinks and milk away. Currently, I am drinking water, green tea, Chinese tea and plain coffee only. No sugar and no milk. Many people claim that isotonic drinks are okay but if you read carefully, some of these drinks have more sugar than regular soft drinks. Same goes to other popular drinks like Milo. Read the labels.

Reading labels

Well, I start to read labels so I know how much calories I am taking. Some food claimed that they are healthy but they contained either high calories or high sugar level. Reading labels also alert me to buy healthier food for my family and my kids.

Weight watching

It is like a habit now. I weighed myself first thing in the morning and before I sleep. I try to make sure my weight is consistent. If not, my diet program is just another waste of money.

Be Positive

From day one, there are friends who laughed at me. It is not easy to do a lengthy diet. I have not eaten any fast food for twenty days. No sweet drinks, no soft drinks, no white coffee and no fatty food like my favourite nasi lemak, pork noodle, wantan mee and many others. Getting discipline is not easy and constant there are people who try to break your diet.

As a food and travel blogger, I received many invitations for food reviews. I have to resist and declined them. There are also friends who will give you advices so you just have to stick with the plan and schedule created by the doctor. There is no one can help me, only myself with the assistance from Nexus Clinic.

Drink More Water

One of the real magic of losing weight is to drink lots of water. I drank litres of water every day and I know it is troublesome to go to toilet that often but what water do in our body is magic.

I am half way of my HCG weight management program and some days there are issues of the weight going down. Our body is very smart and they can adapt to changes and try to balance by itself. To fool the body is not easy and sometimes I almost break my determinations.

I hope to lose more than 10kg for my 40 days HCG Weight Management Program by Nexus Clinic and the next step is to maintain the weight in the future.

I know there are readers who signed up the HCG Weight Management Program with Nexus Clinic after reading my first story. What I want to say is let’s lose weight together, don’t give up and live a healthier life. Each and every body is different and the weight lost varies too. Remember, the clinic is to assist and the magic of losing weight is based on yourself.

Please take note that even though I am weighing at 95.6kg, I am still obese. My weight five or six years ago was around 93kg so I am still heavier than I used to be. That’s why I look the same with some of the old pictures. Getting healthier is my objective now as I want to live long to see my boys grow up and long enough to see my grandchildren. There are many places I still want to discover and I hope to visit all of them one day.

If you are obese like me and want to change to a better lifestyle and be healthy for yourself and your family, please make an appointment at Nexus Clinic at +60321635699. Giving them a call is one step ahead. Stop giving yourself excuses as I was one of them too.

About Nexus Clinic

Founded in 2001, Nexus Clinic (Formerly known as Mediviron UOA) is a top-notch aesthetic center which is sited in the heart of KL’s Golden Triangle, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments.

Nexus Clinic is dedicated to serve our clients’ needs by providing confidential, professional and personalized aesthetic services to both local and regional market. Our highly experienced doctors and expert medical staff will make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable about your treatment options. It is our desire to help determine the best treatment for the results you seek.


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