April 2, 2023

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D24 Durian Buffet in Kepong Baru SK6363

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D24 Durian Buffet in Kepong Baru SK6363

This is the time of the year again, the durian season. Well, we read this good story from our friend Vkeong at http://www.vkeong.com/eat-can-d24-durian-buffet-sk-6363-kepong-baru/ and so we called them up and went there for a durian feast.

D24 Durian Buffet in Kepong Baru SK6363

They are having the D24 Durian Buffet, eat all you can at RM 16 per pax. Yes, RM 16 per pax for D24 Durian only.

The durian stall is called SK6363 and it is located at Jalan Mergastua, a popular durian street in Kepong Baru. Since we are not familiar with that area, we followed the GPS coordinate (below).

D24 Durian Buffet in Kepong Baru SK6363

The reason we called up to make sure the durian buffet is still available. They told us that they are running low on durians so the durian buffet might end this week.

They have other durians available at different prices but we stick to the D24 durian buffet at RM 16 per pax. In fact, the market rate is at RM 15 per kg now or probably more.

We did a live video on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/placesandfoodspage/videos/vb.341233486439/10153600857066440/?type=2&theater and some of the followers did ask about the taste.

It is a mixture of taste to be frank, some is bitter and some is sweet. If you find some is hard in texture, just throw it away. They gave me three durians just to start and we can’t even finish it.

D24 durian

The staffs here are friendly and there are basins to wash hands and water for you to drink. They make sure you have enough durians to eat for the buffet.

For RM 16, we have no complains. The durian quality is pretty decent and we love the taste. If you a durian lover especially D24, you should be here. This will end your durian cravings for sure. We had enough durian for the three meals today and probably tomorrow. Remember, eat durian sensibly!

Please take note that durians availability are seasonal and the durian rates are correct on 27/6/2016.

Opening Hours: Business hours: 1pm till finish


D24 Durian Buffet in Kepong Baru SK6363 Address:

Jalan Mergastua (Durian Street)

52100 Kepong Baru

GPS Coordinates: N03 12.263 E101 38.591

Tel: 012-2286 239 (May Chan)

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