December 7, 2021

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Live in Darwin 2016

We are live in Darwin and will be doing some live updates on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. We are traveling solo for this trip and will be venturing around Darwin and do check out some of the things you might not know about this city.

darwin live 2016 large

It is winter season in Australia but the weather remains the same in Darwin. It is over 30 degree Celsius all year long and the climate is similar to Malaysia and Singapore. For cities like Sydney and Melbourne, they are getting temperature around 10 degree Celsius.

darwin international airport 4 am
Darwin International Airport

The time zone here is also unique that is 90 minutes ahead of Malaysia and Singapore. Yes, we never came across 90 minutes time zone before.

We just arrived in the airport 4 am this morning so follow us and check out some of the things we do for the whole week. If you never been to Darwin before, we hope to change your perception of this city and hope you will be interested here one day.

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This trip is sponsored by Northern Territory Australia Tourism Board and Tourism Australia Malaysia.


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