March 22, 2023

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Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market Darwin

Darwin is probably the most underrated city in Australia. We know many people who have travelled to the major cities Down Under but not many visited Darwin. The peaceful city is located up north in the Northern Territory of Australia near Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market

Darwin offers more than just crocodiles and Kakadu National Park. During our one week stay in Darwin, we discovered waterfalls, wetlands, city, waterfront and many more. One of the places that caught our attention is the Mindil Beach. They are located near Raffles Plaza, 2/1 Buffalo Ct, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia.

Mindil Beach Darwin.

The Mindil Beach is one of the top places for sunset view in Darwin and it is also the home of the Mindil Beach Weekend Night Market. Basically it is the night market of Darwin and you the beach is just behind the market.

The sunset view at Mindil Beach Darwin.

You find tourists and locals camped at the beach waiting for the magnificent sunset view. It is as good as some of the popular sunset destinations in Asia which include Jimbaran Beach of Bali or Patong Beach of Phuket. You can see the sun sinks gracefully into Arafura Sea. Thus, this beach is safe for swimming in case you want to visit the beach during the day or before the sunset.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market Map
Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market

The other attraction of Mindil is the popular Mindi Beach Sunset Market or the Mindil Beach Night Market. Please take note that the Mindil Beach Sunset Market opens every Thursday and Sunday evening only. Remember open on Thursdays and Sundays evening and they are no night market on other days.

Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market. Indonesian Food.

The food is the main attraction like our night market or pasar malam. You get a huge variety of food from Thai, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesia, Greek, Portuguese and many more. They operated in stalls or trucks and there are plenty to choose.

Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market. Chinese Food.

For Asian food, the taste is localised so it is not the same like what you have in Asia. Same goes to Indonesian and Malaysian food. Since there are so many food stalls, we probably tasted the overrated stalls so do choose wisely. Probably choosing the Western food is a better option. However, our preferences on Asian food might be different than yours as everyone has a different taste palate.

Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market Local Art.

There is also fashion, arts, souvenirs and also live music in the market. The atmosphere here is similar to the night markets in Asia. The market is safe (this is Australia) and you do find a couple of policemen in the market just doing their routine walk.

You can also find the information counter by Tourism North Australia in the market in case you need more information on the night market.

You can find odd stalls like this. Phone Repairs!

There is a public toilet available and they are very clean so it is very convenient to walk around here. The market starts around 4pm and ends around 9pm. Sunset is around 5 to 6 pm depending the time of the year. There are no entrance fees to the Mindil Beach and Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

Mindil Beach Sunset Night Market Food Stalls.

You can definitely can find many food and do some shopping here at Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Remember they are open on Thursdays and Sundays only. Expect to spend at least one to two hours here at Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

You want cool souvenirs like these crocodiles parts?

For more info, visit their website:

* This trip is sponsored by Tourism Australia Malaysia and Tourism Northern Territory Australia. 



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  1. thanks for sharing, so much in this world that i have yet to explore. will keep this in mind for sure.

  2. Darwin is simply not up there in the list of Aussie destinations but it is a good change. Thanks for your recommendation. Hope to check it out one day.

  3. My first time seeing night market open at the beach. It must be so happening. Thank you for sharing this.

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