February 9, 2023

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Dining Inaho Semboku City Akita (食堂いなほ)

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Dining Inaho Semboku City Akita (食堂いなほ)

Dining Inaho is a popular local restaurant in Semboku City of Akita Japan. They offer Kaiseki set menus for lunches and dinners. Kaiseki is a multi-course Japanese cuisine with many beautifully crafted and presented small portion dishes. You have Kaiseki outside of Japan in authentic Japanese restaurants but it is usually pricey.

Dining Inaho is a traditional Japanese house converted restaurant. It looks ordinary from the outside but once you stepped in, you will be amazed by its interior and décor.

We were greeted by the smiley Japanese lady boss and her pretty daughter. It is the typical friendly and polite Japanese style of hospitality which is second to none.

There is a little small Japanese garden within the restaurant. The Japanese really know how to create their gardens as they are so pretty. The arrangement of stones and the trees, we wished we can have the similar the garden at home.

For the dining hall, they have tables and chairs as we are not a big fan of tatami seating (floor mat).

We ordered their Kaiseki lunch set menu but we ordered it as vegetarian as we were traveling with our Muslim friends.

Their version of smashed beancurd



The famous rice cake grilled and topped with sweet sauce.

A unique local beansproute covered with transparent jelly
Chawan mushi
Tempura vegetables.
Akita famous local produced soba

Overall the taste of the food is lighter than we expected. It was a unique experience as we get to taste local produce food as soba, rice cake and the vegetables with jelly. We enjoyed the Kaiseki lunch set menu. If you are looking for a restaurant with good food and hospitality, you should give Dining Inaho a try.

You can follow their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/%E9%A3%9F%E5%A0%82%E3%81%84%E3%81%AA%E3%81%BB-424060257790175/ and also their website at http://inaho.pepper.jp/

The restaurant is recommended and sponsored by Tourism Akita. For more information on Akita Japan, visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/wendytour.to.nippon or visit their website at http://www.wendytour.com.my/.

This trip and story is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.



Dining Inaho Semboku City Address:

4-1 Tamachikamityo Kakunodate-machi,

Semboku-city Akita


Dining Inaho Semboku City Address in Japanese:


Semboku-shi, Akita 014-0311

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