April 1, 2023

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5 Reasons Why I Would Recommend webe to My Friends and Family

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5 Reasons Why I Would Recommend webe to My Friends and Family

As a blogger, social media influencer and a father, I need heaps of data daily. I love to watch videos on YouTube and stream videos so I need a data plan that offers me freedom and limitless data. For my son, he loves to play learning apps and watching educational videos and songs. For daily usage, I prefer uninterrupted calls and I really hate dropped calls. Data speed and coverage is equally important as there is no point of limitless data with limited coverage and data speed. That’s why I choose webe as it gives me and my family what we need.

1. Limitless data
Limitless data is the way it should be. We live in the digital world and data shouldn’t be limited. It should be no quota and high speed. You can browse, watch and stream as much as data as you can as webe offers limitless data without any hidden terms and conditions. It is high speed all the way and you don’t need monthly data speed refresh. It is hard to believe but this is real. Webe offers limitless data at high speed without any hidden terms and conditions.

2. Freedom
Freedom without being tied down to a contract is a must. Shouldn’t be worried about contractual terms and responsibilities and this is the freedom webe can offer. You don’t have to worry about annual or bi-annual contractual terms, hidden terms and conditions as well as other restrictions. You can stop the subscriptions any time if you want but we doubt so though.

3. Coverage
Data coverage is the key reason to choose webe. Dropped calls or interrupted calls should be issues of the past. We understand the frustrations of no mobile coverage especially inside the malls or buildings in the city and webe offers better coverage in such grey areas. Their LTE coverage mainly in major cities and towns but they do have nationwide coverage backed by Celcom 3G. webe is available in almost everywhere nationwide.

4. Convenience
Forget about visiting outlets to pay bills. Or making a call to automated toll free numbers. Everything can be done online. We really hate to queue up in post offices or taking numbers in outlets or in shopping malls or finding kiosks too. What is the point of traveling (wasting petrol money and time), finding parking just to pay your bills? Is it worth the time and effort? Webe offers online payments and live chat to cater your needs. Stop wasting unnecessary times in making calls or going to physical outlets, you can do everything online now for your convenience.
You can subscribe to webe online, picked your preferred mobile number at no extra cost and they will deliver the sim card to you at no cost (within a few working days).
This is the reason why webe is a community as they listen and improve and do the best to cater our needs.

5. Great deals for 5
Sharing is caring. Instead of sharing data, 4 people subscribing to webe is value for money with the total freedom and benefit of limitless data. Now you just need to pay RM 79 only to subscribe to webe and the best part is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th subscriber gets better rates. For the 2nd line you pay RM 69, 3rd line at RM 59, 4th & 5th line at RM 49. This what we call ‘sharing is caring’.

So, if you are looking for a plan that gives you worry-free service, webe mobile is the way to go. It is at RM79 per month now and it gives you 9,999,999 GB data, free calls + sms! Check out webe now!

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