July 16, 2024


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There Is NO BOMB or Explosion in Bangkok 27 December 2016

Did you receive a notification from Facebook stating you are safe in Bangkok from explosion or bombing? I received this disturbing warning news from my friends who are staying or traveling in Bangkok.

bangkok safety

After checking with my friends staying Bangkok and also checking on reliable websites in Thailand, there are no bombs or explosions in the capital city today. It is triggered by a fake news from an unreliable website so this is an error message by Facebook.

bangkok safety check

In conclusion, Facebook triggered the warning due to fake news from Thailand: Explosion rocks central Bangkok – BBC News by interaksyon.com. Strangely, Facebook conclude the story is real while the website is not BBC but Interaksyon. Everything is safe in Bangkok as there are NO BOMBS or EXPLOSIONS! Just becareful what you read on Facebook as there are too many fake news even from Facebook!

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