July 25, 2024


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5 Things To do with Never Ending Data

What can you do if you have never ending data? Recently we subscribed to webe mobile and we picked up five things to do with never ending data. Webe mobile offers never ending data, calls and SMSes without contract, and no data capping.
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So what are the 5 things you can do with never ending Data?

  1. Watch Videos

Watching video takes a lot of data but thanks to webe mobile, you can watch videos anywhere 24/7. You can watch it while waiting for someone, chilling in a café, doing business in the toilet and many other places you want. With its wide coverage, you can watch videos anywhere and almost everywhere in Malaysia.

We get free WiFi in many public areas such as the airport for instance. The other day I had a flight delay at the airport. Was stuck there for about an hour and the airport WiFi was pretty slow. I decided to use my mobile data to stream an episode of my favourite show. Without webe, I would’ve been bored out of my mind.

 2. Download

We all know it is quite impossible to download files via mobile as they can be data consuming. However, with webe mobile almost everything is possible. Now, you can download file from the Internet (depending on your storage size) with no issue. Remember the download speed is LTE so it is really fast. I make full use of webe’s unlimited data by setting all my Whatsapp media to auto-download. That way I don’t have to wait to be connected to WiFi to download them. Besides that, my applications are set to auto-update as well, even on mobile data!

3. Upload Files

This is another thing many people prefer not to do with their mobile data; uploading files. It can be sharing a video on Whatsapp, or uploading photos and videos to Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes consumers have to think twice when they want to upload something via their mobile data. With webe, I can upload any file at anywhere. The only concern I have would be my phone battery. Nowadays I can upload my photos, videos and even email documents without hesitation as my data will never finish. How cool is that?

  1. Video Calls

When it comes to video calls, I no longer have to rely on café or public WiFis anymore. Now, I can choose to Skype with my loved ones or my friends with just my mobile data. Keeping in touch with your family and friends is important in this day and age especially when everyone is so busy with their own schedules. With the unlimited data, I can do a video call with anyone, at anytime, be it when I’m stuck in traffic in my GrabCar or when I’m taking a break at a café.

5. All the Browsing You Want

Nowadays, everyone is just constantly on their mobile phones. They can be playing a game, or reading the news, or just browsing the Internet. I gotta admit I find myself spending quite a bit of time on my mobile phone. A world without the Internet will be hard to imagine. On a daily basis, I will be scrolling through my Facebook, keeping up with my old friends, on Instagram, going through my feed, finding new spots to visit for food or on the web just staying up to date with the news. All of this made easy and worry-free with webe.

The never-ending data will change your habit and give you more freedom in data. Remember, there is no contract for never ending data with webe mobile. Check out their latest promotions to find out more at webe.com.my


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