March 25, 2023

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UberEATS Coming to Malaysia Soon after Singapore and Thailand?

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Updated: UberEATS is now available in Malaysia, read 12 Things You Should Know About UberEATS KL


UberEATS Coming to Malaysia Soon after Singapore and Thailand?

UberEATS the food delivery by Uber is coming to Malaysia soon? Started earlier last year in Toronto and many other cities in United States, Singapore was the first Asian country to have UberEATS. Thailand recently launched UberEATS and it is the matter of time it will launched in Malaysia.

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Food delivery is a huge market and there is only a handful food delivery websites in Malaysia. If UberEATS comes to Malaysia, it will be a stiff competition to prominent food delivery website Food Panda.

So how does UberEATS work?

Let’s take UberEATS in Singapore as an example.

Each delivery is fixed at S$3 dollars per delivery.

Food delivery should be within 30 minutes.

There is no minimum order of food for UberEATS. If you order a plate of char kuey teow for S$5, they still deliver it for you at S$3.00

For weekdays, they are operating from 11 am until 11 pm and for weekends it will be from 10 am until 11 pm.

You can order from UberEATS website or UberEATS apps, you can sync it with your Uber app. The credits from Uber can be used on UberEATS.

There will be no cash payments and only credit card payments like Uber app.

UberEATS delivery in Singapore is using motorcycles and bikes for now. You can find out more about UberEATS Singapore at

We have no insider news on when is UberEATS going to launch in Malaysia but most likely in 2017. They will definitely bring fierce competition to Food Panda and there could be a possibility Grab might follow this trend.

We will update on this story when we got some insider news from our sources in Uber. UberEATS definitely exciting and we hope they will charge a competitive rate in Malaysia. Logistic will be a big issue for them as Klang Valley itself is huge. We just have to wait and see when UberEATS is coming to Malaysia. So everyone can UberEATS in office without wasting time going out for lunches.


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