July 18, 2024


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What will Malaysians do during every month end?

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What will Malaysians do during every month end?

We are in the midst of writing our next travel tips and today it is month end again. Have you ever wonder what Malaysians will do during every month end? Let us share some of our opinions on this topic. This do not apply to rich Malaysians.

What will Malaysians do during every month end

  1. Check for salaries

Unlike Australians, Malaysians receive their pay check by month and not by week. Yes, Australians receive their weekly pay on Thursdays while Malaysians receive their pay by every month end. Thus, most Malaysians will check whether they received their salary in their bank account.

For those who works in the office, they will check via online banking and the rest will check on ATM machines. That’s why you can see many will go to ATM machines check their balance and leave. If you see them leaving the ATM machine in disappointment, it is most likely they have not received their pay check yet.

  1. Paying for Instalments

What happened if Malaysians received their salary? The ugly truth is to pay their instalments. Most of the salary will end up in paying instalments for car loan and house loan. For those who owes PTPN, they need to pay for that too. Some will need to pay house or room rent. Even your office parking lot also need to pay.

  1. Paying bills

The list is long but some of the standard bills are credit card bills (thanks to too much shopping), electricity and water bills, security fees (if you are staying in gated or guarded community or condominiums), Indah Water bills and also police summons if you are so lucky to get a picture with the speed trap.

  1. Planning for spending and saving

This is a very subjective question as we know there are many out there don’t budget for their spending but there are who are great financial planners. Remember to save some for your savings. This also includes for those who are giving allowances for their parents.

  1. Filling up the petrol

This is a new trend by the way. By month end, everyone will go to petrol station and fill up their petrol tanks. This happens at month end night time and there will be long queues in petrol stations.

  1. Speculating the new petrol fees

Every month end, there will be rumours and speculations on what is the new petrol fees early next month. It is like speculating EPL football games, very exciting indeed. If the petrol fees drop, it will feel like Manchester United won the EPL Cup and if the petrol fees increase, it feels like Chelsea winning the EPL title this season.

  1. Spend like a King for a day and goes broke for a month

There are quite a number Malaysians will go spend like a King for a day and goes broke for a month. Some will go party hard while some will spend on shopping for new smartphones or Adidas shoes.




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