May 31, 2023

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Fly from KL to United States with Philippine Airlines for less than RM 2200

Sometimes, there are deals that are so good it is hard to believe it is true. First of all, Philippine Airlines (PAL) is flying again from KL to Philippines and now it connects to the rest of the world. We read about the promotion on flights from KL to three cities in United States. From Philippines, PAL flies 7 times to San Francisco weekly, 5 times to Hawaii weekly and 14 times to Los Angeles. The promo fair of less than RM 2200 includes base fare, taxes and fees, in-flight meals, 2 pieces of 23kg per piece baggage allowances.

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The booking starts now until 19th March 2017 while the travel period is from 8th June to 15th December 2017. The official website is at and we went to check it out and it is tough to find the actual dates with the promotions. Thus, we logged on to, the travel search engine and we found the promotional tickets from PAL from just a few clicks.

Search for best deals with SkyScanner by using the Cheapest Month option.

The promotion of PAL is real and there are still many dates available from KL to United States. Since AirAsiaX is flying to Hawaii, we only searched the tickets from KL to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Look at the flights available by PAL from KL to Los Angeles from RM 2,128!

You still can get the lowest airfares for less than RM 2200 and the last we checked is today on 3rd March 2017. If you planning to visit United States cheap, head on to to get the best deals from PAL and also other airlines.

This is the deals from KL to San Francisco and the cheapest is Singapore Airlines for RM 2,015 and PAL from RM 2,123.

Please take note that Malaysians are required to apply a holiday visa from the US Embassy in Jalan Tun Razak. The visa application fees is US$ 160 for a person. You need to apply the US Visa online and then go for a mandatory interview with all the supporting documents at the US Embassy. Your US Visa application status will be depending on your documents and your interview. Good luck!

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