June 1, 2023

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How to get the cheapest flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney?

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How to get the cheapest flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney?

Planning to visit Sydney? Want to travel on your own and you want to get the cheapest flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney? Well, we are going to share some of the travel tips that might help you in your travel plans to Sydney.

Search Cheap Flights Using Travel Search Engine

Sample flight search in Skyscanner.com.my

Instead of searching airlines websites one by one you can always search Travel Search Engine such as SkyScanner.com.my. Just search the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney and select the Cheapest Month. They will list down the calendar list of the cheapest flights available. Then, they will list the cheapest flights from top to bottom.

Using Airlines Miles Points

For direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, there are only two airlines available. It is either Malaysia Airlines or AirAsiaX. For Malaysia Airlines, it is their Enrich Points while for AirAsiaX it will be the AirAsia BIG Points.

Let’s take Malaysia Airlines Enrich for example.

For Kuala Lumpur to Sydney, the lowest points we can get (non promotion period) is 40,500 miles points. We have 20,000 points over the years we saved.
The airport tax is RM 914.38 inclusive of GST. For what we understand, the airport taxes for both airports are around RM 500.
The breakdown of the taxes of RM 914.38 is shown here.

Compare on both airlines mileage points claim, you have to pay more in Airport taxes for Enrich Miles points while AirAsia BIG points remain the same. You can visit Malaysia Airlines Enrich website at https://www.enrich.malaysiaairlines.com/EnrichWebsite

AirAsiaBig Final Call X Sale, redeem, fly and save with up to 50% off the market fares and also AirAsia BIG points.

For those who didn’t know, AirAsiaBig.com is offering AirAsiaX Final Call X Sales. The sales is happening on the third week of every month and the promotion is for flights within the next two months. The promotion is for AirAsiaX flights and the points reduction is up to 50% off the usual AirAsia BIG points.

Let’s be fair to everyone. The fixed points for 60,000 AirAsia BIG points for return ticket and promotion is only 23,000 AirAsiaBig points as advertised. Sometimes we feel skeptical whether all this promotion is real. If you look at the calendar, most of the dates are having the exact promotion points. Of course, this is first come first serve basis. Take note on that the taxes which is only RM 509 (excluding luggage and meals).

For return flight from KLIA to Sydney, the AirAsiaBig points is as low as 26,000 AirAsia BIG points and the airport tax is at RM 509. The airport tax of Sydney International Airport is the highest among the other airports in Australia.

Many will argue that 26,000 AirAsia BIG points is a lot of points. However, there are many ways to get your AirAsia BIG points fast. You can claim AirAsia BIG points in websites like Lazada.com.my, Agoda.com, RocketMiles, Metrojaya, Petron petrol stations, Zalora, Klook.com, BigDutyFree.com, [email protected], Paradigm Mall and many more. Not forgetting you can convert your credit card points to AirAsia BIG points (depending on the different type of credit cards of your bank). For more info, you can visit AirAsiaBig.com.

The above is some of the travel tips to get the cheapest flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Read all our experiences and reviews in Sydney here. Enjoy your trip to Sydney!

We have quite a lot of AirAsia BIG points (as we strategically convert and gained over the months). There are many interesting places we intend to visit now thanks to this AirAsia BIG Final X promotions.

Please take note that AirAsia BIG Final Call X Sales also offer discount on their AirAsia BIG points to other AirAsiaX destinations.

Malaysians are required to apply travel visa to Australia, you can read it here.

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