March 24, 2023

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Malaysia Airlines KL to Darwin Flight Experience MH 144

Do you know there is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Darwin Australia? It is operated by Malaysia Airlines and it is one of their cheapest routes to Australia compared with other major cities.

When we travelled to Darwin with Malaysia Airlines last year, our experience was rather unique and also a strange one. The flight reaches Darwin wee in the morning (3 am) and the surprise thing is the airport runs 24 hours. Even some of the cafes, restaurants and shops are open in Darwin.

The flight experience was pretty good. Since Malaysia Airlines ‘upgraded’ their meals, the food was okay and it could be better. Compare to the Malaysia Airlines meals ten years ago, they really look at the quality of the meals but yet again now they are restructuring so it will take them some time to get back on track again.

The service is still there, the trademark Malaysian Hospitality, friendly and courteous cabin crews. The smiles that once branded Malaysia Airlines ‘The Best Cabin Crew’ in the world.

The entire journey was pretty good, no overbooking and no security guards attempt to remove any passengers. It was a pleasant flight.

So why travel to Darwin?

Cape Ardieu sunset cruise in Darwin

We have this little bucket list of traveling to all the states in Australia. So far, we have travelled to South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Canberra, New South Wales, Victoria and missing Northern Territory and Queensland.

Is Darwin worth the travel?

Mindil Beach

Many will associate Darwin with national parks and crocodiles. Actually, Darwin is more than national parks and you can find many unique things to do in this city. There is night market, beaches, awesome sunset places, cruises, flights and also you can visit Tiwi Island to check out the daily lives of the aborigins (native Australian aka ‘orang asli’), termite mounds and many more. Expect to spend at least three to four days for the day tours and excursions out of the city.

When is the best time to fly to Darwin?

Well let’s say May to July and the climate of Darwin is similar to Malaysia. Hot and humid. There are tropical rain and it floods like Kuala Lumpur during raining season. However, it doesn’t rain every day but on certain days during off peak season.

One of the best ways to visit Darwin is to redeem your MH Enrich Points. Remember, for Malaysians you need to apply visitor visa that you can do online.

Our advice is buy during the airlines promotion so remember to check on their website, from time to time.

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