February 6, 2023

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PLOY at Clearwater Jalan Semantan Damansara Review

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PLOY at Clearwater Jalan Semantan Damansara Review

When you talk about PLOY at Clearwater, it is either you know this restaurant or you don’t. It is one of the best secret of Damansara and if you haven’t heard of them, it is time for you to visit them.

They are located at G-02, Ground Floor, [email protected], Changkat Semantan, off Jalan Semantan,

Damansara Heights. They are open for dinners from 6 pm till late and it is best to park within the building as they offer a flat rate parking after 5pm.

The first impression of this restaurant is its unique interior design. We love how they create spaces using design and this restaurant is very Instagrammable. On top of the design of the restaurant, the service here is top notch. Before we talk about the food, PLOY has recently joined The ENTERTAINER App. With the app, you BUY 1 Main and GET 1Main FREE in participating restaurants and they have over 1,200 outlets all over Malaysia. This is a great way to save money and good for couples, friends and family.

Now, let’s check out the food we ordered that evening for dinner.


PLOY’S Black Fried Rice

This is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The Black Fried Rice comes with a unique egg yolk and served with seafood and crunchy Thai sweet basil. How you eat this is to pour the egg yolk onto the black rice (infused with squid ink). This is flavourful and very appetising. This something different that you can consider ordering.

One of PLOY’s signature dishes, and my favourite dish would be their Black Fried Rice. The blackness comes from the squid ink, served with seafood, crunchy Thai sweet basil and an egg yolk to top it off. Pour the yolk unto the rice, mix well, and you have yourself some delectable, savoury delights. Love how the fried rice blended well with the squid ink, with the Thai sweet basil bringing out the flavours too! Tasty dish.


Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken

Their version grilled lemon grass chicken comes with onigiri omelette rice. What we like about this is the lemon grass marinated with chicken before it is grilled to perfection. You can find similar dish like this in Thailand or Vietnam and now in PLOY too.


Linguine Mentaiko

Don’t be fooled by its presentation. The Linguine Mentaiko is fulled of flavours. This is a simple pasta with flavours of mentaiko, nori and fresh cream and the combination is made just right. This is a simple straight forward pasta that won’t disappoint you.



Pan Fried Sea Bass with Green Curry

Their pan fried sea bass with green curry is another dish we had for dinner. The green curry is not your usual Thai green curry but similar to Japanese version of curry. The sea bass complements well with the sauce as well as the crispy sweet potatoes served on the side creates different textures for this dish.


Wagyu Beef Don

The star of the night goes to their Wagyu Beef Don. This is the Japanese version of Wagyu Beef Don but with a twist. Instead covering the dish with egg, this is created in ‘ying yang’ style of beef bacon egg and wagyu beef. With the ENTERTAINER app, we ordered two of this as you buy one main and get another main for FREE.

If you want a quiet and romantic place for dinner without burning your hole in your wallet, you can visit PLOY at Clearwater Damansara. Remember with The ENTERTAINER app, you get more value and save more.

For the usual price for the ENTERTAINER App is RM 145 but if you can use our code WILSON2017 or click the link (https://goo.gl/FXdKCA) to get it at RM 75 which more than 45% OFF the normal price.

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PLOY at Clearwater Damansara Address:

G-02, Ground Floor, [email protected],

Changkat Semantan, off Jalan Semantan,

Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. Excellent review! I plan to spend this summer in Malaysia and we will definitely visit this restaurant. The food looks appetizing and the atmosphere is pleasant.

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