December 3, 2023


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True Fitness Outlets Close Down in Malaysia and Bangkok

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True Fitness Outlets Close Down in Malaysia and Bangkok

Singapore owned True Fitness close down all their branches and outlets in Thailand and Singapore within days. Two days ago, True Fitness close down all their outlets in Thailand and many members were left fuming. Yesterday, True Fitness Malaysia announced that they are closing down all their outlets too.

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This shocked announcement shocked thousands of True Fitness Malaysia members. There is a notice that they will communicate with all the members by 20th June 2017 according to their official statement from their website. We print screened the statement from their website at as below.

true fitness malaysia announcement

Now, there is another side of story that is not told. The instructors of True Fitness Malaysia have not been paid for months and we got to know from our friend Steven Goh.

He wrote this on his Facebook post.

True Fitness closed down less than 24hours. In Malaysia, it’s normal that gyms can close down the next morning out of sudden.

While members will not be able get refunded or the instructors will not get their salary, example True Fitness owe instructors salary more than 3 months.

So people ask me what do I think about it?

To the poor instructors and poor members.

It won’t solve the problem or change the fact that it is closed even you are angry but I am curious, ever since Absolute fitness, Gorgeous Fitness or the famous California fitness had done the same thing , no follow up story or even I heard no refund and no salary paid to instructors ( at least I know Absolute fitness Nexus bangsar south didn’t pay instructors and members were abandoned, some even renewed contract for 3 years few days before the 24hours notice on closure)

what lesson did we learn? Especially the fitness business owners love to practise this irresponsible way to finish their business, leaving the members or instructors with hard work didn’t get paid off or 1-3 years membership got burnt.

What lesson did we learn , once again, it sounds nothing to do with you but don’t be surprised your gym might close down less than 24hours as there is no ‘laws’ to protect u? Especially u have ‘signed’ to agree whatever it is in those little tiny ‘t&c’ page.

Yup, this kind of irresponsible way to handle the members and instructors make fitness enthusiasts lose their faith, especially in Malaysia fitness industry.

true fitness malaysia steven goh
Screen captured from Steven Goh’s Facebook post.

While True Fitness members might get their membership issues sorted out, the instructors are still not getting paid for over three months. Most of these instructors are free lancers so they are now in limbo how to pursue their salaries. Some of the instructors have family so this is tough for them.

Gym or fitness centres were at the peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s. We joined California Fitness when they started and it was the hype and ‘trend’ to join the gym. Now, most condos have and high end housing estate comes with gym facilities or fitness facilities in their club houses. True Fitness is not the first gym or fitness centre that close down. Other big names like Absolute Fitness, Gorgeous Fitness and California Fitness have closed their doors in Malaysia.

At the end of the day, we hope Steven Goh and the other instructors get paid by True Fitness.

If you haven’t read, All Tous Les Jous Malaysia Outlets Officially Close Down last month too.



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