December 7, 2023


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This Coffee Shop in Johor Charges According to Customer’s Attitudes

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This Coffee Shop in Johor Charges According to Customer’s Attitudes

There is a picture of an unusual notices in a coffee shop viral on Facebook recently. The first notice reads ‘Prices subject to changes according to customer’s attitudes’. The second notice reads ‘If you are arrogant, grouchy, irritable or just a pain in the ass, there will be a RM 10 charge for putting up with your shit.’

johor attitude coffee shop
Picture from Facebook.


We are sure you are pretty curious where is this coffee shop. You can actually see partial fading word ‘Johor’ in the picture so we googled and we found an old article talking about the same notice.

The article is from TheStar from 2013 and you can read it here.

A COFFEESHOP in Johor Baru has put up several unusual notices including one that read: “Prices subject to changes according to customer’s attitudes.”

China Press quoted its owner, known only as Ji, as saying it was a joke to cheer up customers while reminding them of their attitudes.

“I cannot help it if some people can’t take a joke and ask why was I so arrogant,” he said.

The 57-year-old said he had a great sense of humour. “I love to collect jokes, meaningful proverbs and quotes.”

Other signs put up at the eatery in Taman Sri Tebrau are: “If you think the customer is always right, please turn left to exit” and “If you are arrogant, grouchy or irritable, there will be a RM10 charge”.

Some hawkers also wear T-shirts printed with the messages to show their support for Ji.

“The sign is also a gimmick to draw customers,” said Chen who mans the wanton mee stall. “Many people found out about it from their friends and come here to take photographs. Only a handful were offended by the messages and said they won’t return.”

Since the coffee shop is in Johor Bharu, most of the customers are either locals or from Singapore. Even though from the newspaper report, the owner said it is a joke but we do get the message.

There are really many problematic and demanding customers nowadays and you simply don’t understand what they want. Maybe more coffee shops and restaurants should start charging over demanding customers with their antics and patterns.

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