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Do You Need to Show 20K Baht To Enter Thailand Now?

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Do You Need to Show 20K Baht To Enter Thailand Now?

Do you need to show 20k Baht to enter Thailand now? The story started on 17th July in one of the articles in and two days ago, Channel News Asia posted this story on their website too.

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“I was recently refused entry into Thailand for not having 20,000 baht cash on me,” said someone who posted on the Facebook group Bangkok Expats.

“Had few thousand baht, plus printed bank statement and logged into internet banking to show a lot of savings, had hotel vouchers and flight ticket out. Still refused (entry) despite having a valid tourist visa.”

The Thaivisa portal also reported that immigration personnel were “pulling tourist visa holders to one side” and asking them to show 20,000 baht in cash at Padang Besar on its border with Malaysia. Those who were not able to produce the money were taken in for questioning, the report added.


Yesterday, I called up Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia office and so far they received no complaints from Malaysians so far.

For the record, we visited Thailand nine times last year and three times this year and we have no issues of entering. Even from our friends who travelled to Thailand often, there are no reports that such issues happened to them. If there is, they usually will ask our advice since we travel to Thailand often.

We have many friends from all over Asia and not forgetting bloggers and media friends who travel to Thailand often. We also follow travel groups from time to time and we know quite a number of people from Tourism Authority of Thailand in Malaysia and Thailand. If there is such incident, we will be alerted for sure.

For Malaysians, Singaporeans and Asians in general, there is no report or complain of such incident yet. It could be isolated incident. So you can travel to Thailand with less than 20k Baht, if you do have such issues, please let us know or contact Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia.

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