January 31, 2023

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Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel Review

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Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel Review

Many people asked us why do we travel to Macau so often? Almost once a year and we have been traveling to Macau for the past couple of the years. If you stereotyped Macau as a gaming country with nothing to do, then you should visit Macau soon as there are new hotels and attractions every single year. Take Cotai Strip as an example, there are new hotels built there every year. We stayed quite a number of hotels there but on our recent trip, we decided to revisit and stay at the ‘old Macau’ at one of the best hotels in Macau, the Mandarin Oriental.

Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel room.

Mandarin Oriental Macau is one of the luxury five star hotels in the country. It has been around in Macau and to be exact, they are around seven years old. However, if you look at how the manage and maintain the hotel, it seems like new.

Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel at night.

They are located at 945, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Macau. It is next to MGM Macau and One Central Mall. It is a stone throw away from the Wynn Macau as well as the iconic Grand Lisboa Hotel. You can walk to places like St Paul of Ruins and Senado Square from here. The hotel is also blessed with the view of the Macau Tower.

Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel lobby.
Mandarin Oriental Macau Hotel room.


For the room, it is luxurious, spacious and comfort. You can check out the room tour video I took below.

We love the details as well as the kind gesture of having the welcome note and dessert. The box of dessert comes with beautiful set of macaroons, chocolates and sweets.

Mandarin Oriental Macau welcome dessert.

We went out during the day and when we went back to our room, they surprised us with this Crab Meat Tartlet with Sturia Caviar. The bite size tart topped with caviar and edible gold paper.

Crab Meat Tartlet with Sturia Caviar

We stayed in Mandarin Oriental Macau for three nights and we loved our stay. The bed is comfortable and the beauty is it is really quiet at night. There is no point in staying in a luxury hotel if you don’t get a good sleep.

The bathtub in the room.

After a long day, we usually dipped ourselves in the bathtub and enjoy the view of the Macau Tower.

The flat screen TV in Mandarin Oriental Macau.

For the TV, they offer cable TV so you get TV channels from Macau and Hong Kong and also the popular TV networks out there. This is late night entertainment for us before we go for sleep in Macau.

The Vida Rica restaurant.

The Vida Rica restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you think you going to get the usual breakfast in Mandarin Oriental Macau, you will be surprised. Watch the video below.

They offer homemade dim sum as well as local delicacy like soup noodles on top of the continental breakfast.

Breakfast The Vida Rica restaurant in Mandarin Oriental Macau.

Their dim sum is one of the best we had and the homemade XO sauce is really delicious. We don’t mind coming here and pay for the dim sum and this is probably the best ever in Macau.

One of the beauty of staying in Mandarin Oriental Macau is you can walk around to check out the places of attractions and restaurants. The food prices here are reasonable compare to Cotai Strip.

The view of Macau Tower from the room.

Please take note that Macau is a very safe country so don’t worry walking alone at night. You can always take a taxi or Uber here in Macau.

With friends from Mandarin Oriental Macau, Cheryl and Wendi.

We enjoyed our stay and loved the hospitality of Mandarin Oriental Macau. If you are coming for the Macau International Fireworks competition, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Get the best room deals of Mandarin Oriental Macau with Agoda.com at https://www.agoda.com/mandarin-oriental-macau/hotel/macau-mo.html?cid=1538606

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