January 31, 2023

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2017 Volkswagen Tiguan The Ideal SUV for Family

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2017 Volkswagen Tiguan The Ideal SUV for Family

What do you look for a car if you have a family? For us, the most important part are safety features, the space, the interior and the pricing. It could SUV or MPV as it depends what suits you the best.

This is a proper way for family. Kids with proper car seats.

There are two 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan model available in Malaysia and they are the Comfortline Package and Highline Package. We got ourselves the 2017 Volkwagen Tiguan (Highline Package) for review recently and we were very impressed. The impression on the exterior, it looks bigger now and yet sporty. The chrome grills, the chrome roof rails and the 18 inch ‘Kingston’ alloy wheels make the car so sporty and rugged.

The interior is equally impressive with leather seats. The driver seat comes with 12-way adjustment with powered lumbar support. The beauty of the seat is it feels comfortable like a semi bucket seat.

This is using the ‘Keyless Access’ locking and starting system. Just hit the brake and hit the push on of button to start the car. With the key in the pocket, you can lock and unlock the car without using the physical key.

The speedometer is the LED Active Info Display (AID). It looks really cool but it works way more than that. You can vital information on your car on the Active Info Display. Things like which door is open and the warning on tire pressures, these are important when you have family.

The steering wheel, it looks pretty neat as it comes with so many buttons features. It can control the radio, making calls via Bluetooth, shift paddles and more.

For the back seats, we are looking for the ISO Fix. It is basically for the baby car seats (that comes with ISO Fix). 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan comes with the ISO Fix and there is also a tray at the back of the front seat so my boys can put their things on top of it. Thus, there is also the back air-conditioner so it cools the boys too.

We fitted the back with two baby car seats for our boys and mummy can squeeze in between of the seats. The trays work perfectly if you have kids, you can trust us on that. There is also the hook available for baby car seats at the back of the back seats.

The other key safety feature is the dual front airbags, Central locking system with Safelock, ABS with Brake Assist, anti theft alarm system with immobiliser, interior monitoring and towing protection, Child safety lock, curtain airbags for front and rear passengers and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). ESC is a very important safety feature and we usually purchase cars with this feature. It helps to stabilise and will stop the car in emergency situations especially on high speed turning, slippery roads as well as car off balance due to accidents.

For the trunk, it looks small but actually it offers quite a lot of spaces. We can fill up the trunk with a few huge boxes and you can also flip the back seats to the front to create more space.

Cars now are smartly designed for more space and 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan nailed it for a SUV. On top of that you just need to push a button for the back door to open or close automatically.

2017 Volkwagen Tiguan is the 2nd generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan series. We have a few friends who are driving the 1st generation Volkswagen Tiguan facelift series especially the 2.0 litre turbo edition. The new Volkswagen Tiguan comes with a smaller engine of 1.4 litre turbo. For those who never drove the car, they might argue the car is under powered with this new engine. A quick look at the specs, the 1.4l turbo produces 150 bhp and max torque of 250nm . Even with 150 bhp, this car can fly. From 0 – 100 km/h, it goes for less than 10 secs (on our rough calculation) and it can speed up to 140km/h easily.

We put the car on the test as we drove up to Genting Highlands on ease. Together with a friend, the car accelerates at will on steep slopes with no problem and no over-revving. We are happy with engine of 150 bhp and the torque of 250nm. This is a family car and how powerful do you really need?

Did we mention that the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan comes with the new DSG 6 speed wet-clutch direct shift gearbox?

For fuel consumptions, on paper it is around 8.6 for urban and 5.6 for extra-urban. The fuel tank capacity is around 60 litres and the fuel consumption of this car is pretty good compare to other similar SUVs of this class.


For the highline package, it comes with 8” touchscreen display radio ‘Discover Media’ with Navigation, USB and iPod Interface, 2 SD card slots, AUX-IN, Bluetooth and 8 speakers. Not many reviews on the 8 speakers but the sound quality is pretty good and it rivals some of the popular branded speakers.


The display also offers Phone App Connect to your smart phone. For Android, you can download the app Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The issue with Android Auto is it is not available in Malaysia yet so you need to download with APK. The phone connect is pretty cool as it mirrors your smartphone.

For highline package, it comes with the reverse camera. This is not your ordinary reverse camera as it comes with assist lines helping you in judging the space.

There are also sensors all around the cars and it is shown at the 8” touchscreen. This comes handy especially when the kids decided to hang around near the car. There are many cases of injuries and fatalities involving kids as sometimes they are playing beside or at the back of the car. With the sensors picking up objects near the car, you can stop the car immediately. When it comes to safety, this feature is really important especially in parking spaces.

For this 2017 model, the Volkswagen Tiguan comes with LED headlight with LED daytime running lights, LED tail lights, LED rear license plate lights and cornering lights. For the cornering lights, it helps to light up the side when your take a turn with your car (when you take a corner). This really helpful at night.


Another information on the night feature of this car. There will be a small LED below the side mirror that will switch on at night when you unlock your car with the car remote. There is also a LED panel on the flooring and the panels will light up once you switch on the headlights or you put the headlights to Auto mode. We like this feature very much as it helps especially when you park in dark areas.

For the pricing, there are two 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan models and they are Comfortline Package at RM 149k (On the road without insurance) and Highline Package at RM 169k (On the road without insurance).

For the first generations Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0l facelift model, it was priced at RM 237k on the road. Now, the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan highline package is only at RM 169k on the road! It is almost over RM 60k cheaper than the first generation with more features. With the new 1.4l turbo engine, the annual road tax is only for RM 70. Please take note also that the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is CKD units.

Overall, we loved the car. The driving experience is good, the 1.4l turbo engine didn’t disappoint us, the safety features of the car is good for our family and the pricing is quite reasonable and comparable to its competitors. In our opinion, 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan is the ideal SUV for family.

You just have to test drive the car and experience it yourself.




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