February 9, 2023

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Bark & Bites Husky Bistro Subang Jaya

When we blogged about Huskiss Café as the first Huskies café in Kuala Lumpur, a reader contacted us and told us that there is a Huskies bistro in Subang Jaya opened months earlier. It is called Bark & Bites Bistro and they are a pet friendly restaurant (only for big dogs which we will explained later) and they have three resident Huskies. They are located at 65G, Jalan SS 15/5a, SS 15 Subang Jaya at the row of popular Japanese restaurants opposite Ramsay Subang Medical Centre.

Playing with Husky ‘Enzo’.

We went there yesterday for lunch to understand more about Bark & Bites Bistro. The owner Kim has three Huskies. All her Huskies are either adopted and rescued and not purchased and they stayed with her at home.

Bark & Bites Subang Jaya

Bark & Bites Bistro opened for three months now and they positioned their bistro as a ‘makan place’ for the local community as well as pet friendly place. You can bring your dogs over but it must be big dogs. Husky’s lineage genetically is close to wolf due to admixture.

Bark & Bites Bistro owner Kim playing with her adopted and rescued Huskies.

Kim told us that it is important to understand the nature and the history of Huskies. They tend to bully smaller dogs so it is advisable to bring only huge dogs to the bistro. All the three resident Huskies are adults and they are well trained, groomed and friendly to strangers. Unlike other Huskies café, Bark & Bites Bistro offers good food, pet friendly environment and well-trained Huskies instead of Huskies petting zoo.

There is no cover charge at Bark & Bites Bistro but it is compulsory to order their food. Their focus is to set up an area for pet lovers and communities in the neighbourhood to gather around rather than purchasing Huskies puppies used as tools for commercial gains.

The husky playing with the owner.

Let’s talk about their food. A quick glance at their menu, most of their food is local Chinese food. No fancy dishes, simple home cooked food.

We ordered their signature gyoza. This is their homemade gyoza (not the frozen ones). The filling is quite generous and we loved the flavour as it has the spicy after taste thanks to the chilis. It tasted so good on its own, you don’t even need to complement it with sauces like vinegar and ginger.

Next is their Stir Fried French Beans (Chef Special). We had a special version with roasted pork belly. Few things that make stir fried French beans (in our opinion), the French beans, the ‘wok hei’, the dried shrimps and of course the additional pork belly. We love the texture of the beans and also the taste. This goes well with the rice.

Lastly, we have the Salted egg calamari. Their version of Salted egg calamari is similar to many out there. For the taste, it is not overwhelmed by the salted egg but the texture is crunchy and addictive. We love the curry leaves and chilies that gives a bit of hint of spiciness and flavour. We can always have a few plates of this. Sinful but addictive.

Bark & Bites Bistro opens from 8 am daily with breakfast menu and their have a good selection of lunch menu specials. The lunch set menu starts from RM 13.80 with drinks and this is an ideal place for food if you work around that area.

Bark & Bites Bistro is more than just a Husky and dog friendly restaurant as they offer good food. Their main objective is food and a place to hangout for dog owners and lovers and not Huskies petting zoo. One of the partners for Bark & Bites Bistro also owns Tai Syou Japanese restaurant which is located down the road. Tai Syou Japanese Restaurant offers izakaya style Japanese food and it is cooked by Japanese.

Playing hide and seek.

If you are looking for good food with Huskies around, Bark & Bistro is the place you should visit. The adult Huskies might not look as cute as the puppies but these well-trained dogs are friendly with strangers, less active and more interactive. There is no cover charge at Bark & Bites Bistro as they are not a Husky petting zoo, just come and order their food and have good time with their Huskies and probably other dog. There will be one Husky in the bistro during day time and three Huskies during the evening. You can come anytime from 8 am until 10 pm but it is better to book your table before you visit them. Call them at +60 3-5886 5002

With the popularity of Huskies Café in KL right now, we feared that there will be more similar Huskies Cafes opening in this upcoming few months. The concern is how the business owner buying Huskies as tools for business. Some owners might not have the knowledge to train them and what happened to the Huskies if the business failed? Are they going to keep the Huskies or they will abandon them? It is not cheap to own and maintain Huskies as they need air-conditioner, space and popular food. No matter what happened to them in the future, we predict that there will be more Huskies cafes opening in KL in the upcoming few months.

Bark & Bites Address:

65G, Jalan SS 15/5a, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10:30PM

Phone: +60 3-5886 5002

3 thoughts on “Bark & Bites Husky Bistro Subang Jaya

  1. Omggg huskys are like my dream dogs to own one day. So adorable and i believe that they are great company especially for those going without a date. I might just consider going alone. Hehe

  2. Eeeeii comelnyaaaaaaa huskies tu. I suka huskies tu sebab selalu tengok dalam movie. Hehehe. Mata dia cantik. First time baca Cafe macam ni. Selalu kucing je kan. Bleh recommend dengan kawan. Good sharing!

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