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Korean famous Isaac Toast in KLIA 2 Gateway Review

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Korean famous Isaac Toast in KLIA 2 Gateway Review

We were in KLIA 2 today as we were fetching our parents coming back from holiday. Since the Korean famous Isaac Toast opened in KLIA 2 a few days ago, we went there early to taste this new craze. From what we understand, the waiting time for the opening day is over 2 hours and today, the crowd control is better and the wait is around 45 minutes.

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Isaac Toast is originated from Seoul, South Korea. They are specialising in their toasts and currently they have over 900 outlets in Korea. Isaac Toast Malaysia is their first outlet in South East Asia. Isaac Toast is located at Level 2, KLIA 2 Gateway (near Baskin Robbins).

We were around 9.45 am, the queue to order was around 15 minutes. The owner, the Korean explained to everyone that the wait is around 45 minutes so it took one hour for the toast. For better crowd control, everyone can order only two toasts per person.

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If you read the reviews on their Facebook page, many have left negative comments on the waiting time. The problem of the waiting time is due to the confine space they have. They need to cook the food and toast the bread and if the limited space they have, this is the best they can do.

isaac toast klia 2 menu drink

What we like is the owner came out and apologised about the long wait and also informing customers the waiting time.

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Then, the owner gets everyone free drink as they were waiting for their food. It was yujia tea, it is sweet and slight bitter but it was a kind gesture from the owner.

isaac toast meat

For your information, there is no pork at Isaac Toast in KLIA 2. All they use is only chicken meat. Chicken ham and chicken bacon instead of pork ham and bacon. In short, Isaac Toast is PORK FREE. Most of the ingredients they use are imported from Korea includes the sauces, the butter and the ingredients.

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The price of the toast is from RM 12 and we had the Bacon Cheese Special for RM 15. The taste is surprisingly good but we wished for more bacon slices though. The sauces did its magic giving all the flavours and also the hints of the fragrant Korean butter. At the end of the day, it is still a toast sandwich so don’t put high expectation for it.

isaac toast bacon cheese

There is a good reason why it is so popular in Korea because the food is good. We spoke to the owner and they are keen for expansion in Kuala Lumpur city centre. They are hiring more people next week to lessen the waiting time.

Is it worth to travel to KLIA2 for Isaac Toast?

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The answer depends how crazy are you for Isaac Toast. We were happened to be there as we need to fetch our parents from the airport so we went there early to buy the toast. However, if you are crazy for Isaac Toast, you know you will drive down for that.

Isaac Toast KLIA 2 Address:

Level 2, Arrival Hall (next to Baskin Robbins)

KLIA 2 Gateway


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