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Ho Chak! in Japan Hamasho Japanese Restaurant

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Ho Chak! in Japan Hamasho Japanese Restaurant

For the first time in Ho Chak! TV Series, the entire season is filmed in Japan and Malaysia. This new Ho Chak! in Japan series will be focusing in promoting destinations in Japan and also the cuisines from these places. Ho Chak! in Japan will have 10 episodes and will be aired on Malaysia free-on-air TV 8TV. Hosts Gary and Orange will be promoting the food and destinations in Japan.

For us, we are collaborating with Fun Japan to cover the entire filming process in Malaysia with Gary and Orange. We will be promoting Ho Chak! in Japan through our blog and social media networks. This is our first time collaborating with Fun Japan for Ho Chak! TV series.

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For the first episode, the destination is Sapporo Hokkaido. Sapporo Hokkaido is one of the top travel destinations in Japan. Many travellers travel to Sapporo for snow during winter and the sakura flowers during spring and sunflower and lavender fields during summer. Sapporo is located at the north of Japan so the weather is cold almost all year round.

Now, where to find Hokkaido food in Kuala Lumpur? There are a few of them and one of them is Hamasho in Desa Sri Hartamas. They are popular with their Shichirin charcoal BBQ style and also the seafood from Hokkaido.

ho chak hamasho

The restaurant has been around for over 3 years and it has built its name as one of the top shichirin Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

For the Ho Chak! in Japan TV Series, Gary and Orange tasted a few of their signature Shichirin dishes. They are grilled Hokkaido Snow Crab legs, large clam and Turban Shell.

The beauty of Shichirin charcoal BBQ style is you get the best and freshest flavour from the seafood.

hochak hamasho

When the chef slowly grilled the crab, you can smell the aroma and flavour. You get that intense heat when you grill with charcoal and it brings out the flavour from the crab.

ho chak hamasho crab

When we tasted the grilled crab, you get this natural flavour from the sea and that texture is unbelievable delicious. It feels you having this grilled crab in Sapporo and that is how good it is.

ho chak hamasho scallop

Next, the grilled Hokkaido large clam is another dish you need to order. Slowly charcoal grilled to perfection, the clams are tasty and the most important part the texture of it is just right. Many restaurants out there tend to overcook the scallops until the texture feels like rubber.

ho chak turban shell

Lastly, is the Turban Shell. It is the huge version of the usual escargots and the texture was pretty good with a little salty after taste. All the seafood are air-flown from Hokkaido Japan.

Gary and Orange enjoyed the dishes and we enjoyed it too. We have two sets of dishes as one set is for Ho Chak team to film and the other set is for us to taste. Hence, we are tasting the same food they are having as the chef prepared two sets.

ho chak hamasho behind the scenes

It was fun being part of the Ho Chak! in Japan team as both hosts are humble and friendly. They shared so many of their travel experiences in Japan to us.

For Malaysians who are planning to visit Hokkaido, there is direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hokkaido with AirAsia X. There are many good food to savour in Hokkaido such as their fresh seafood, their desserts as well as their local food.

ho chak hamasho group

Remember to catch this first episode of Ho Chak! in Japan at Hamasho Japanese Restaurant on 8TV on 5th November 2017, Sunday, 6 pm!

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Please take note that Ho Chak! In Japan is also available on


Hamasho Japanese Restaurant Opening Hours:  6PM–1AM

Hamasho Japanese Restaurant Address:

No. 42, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 010-381 2246

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