December 4, 2022

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The Justice League Review and Spoilers

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The Justice League Movie Spoiler

There are a few big rumours of The Justice League. First of all, Superman is back and the 2nd big news is Green Lantern.

Let us explain the movie in brief.

The movie started off with a terrorist attack and foiled by Wonder Woman. The death of Superman sparks many violence around the world.

Then it moves to Black Superman flags around the world due to the death of the Superman. There is a scene of MahanNakhon building with Black Superman Flag which we thought it is supercool.

Batman discovered a scout alien which leaves the mark of three mystery boxes. He tries to find out the mystery behind the boxes and went to look for Aquaman.

The enemy attacks Themyscira! The queen and the amazons were defending one of the boxes called ‘The Mother Box’. Then the enemy attacks the Amazons and identified as Steppenwolf.

There are three Mother Boxes that Steppenwolf to unlock the power to reshape the planet. Steppenwolf attacked earth centuries ago and defeated by the alliance of Zeus, Green Lantern corps, Amazons, Atlanteans (people of Atlantis) and humans. Steppenwolf retreated back then and the three boxes were guarded by Amazons, Atlanteans and humans.

The story continues to introduction of Flash and Cyborg and how they get together to face Steppenwolf and lost! Steppenwolf got two boxes and tries to get the third box.

Knowing the Justice League is no match of Steppenwolf, Batman got a brilliant idea which is to bring Superman alive using the third ‘Mother Box’. The rest was sceptical but they did anyways which revived Superman and he attacked the Justice League and defeated them easily.

Batman brought Louis Lane at the last moment and Superman regained his consciousness. Steppenwolf took the third box and all of them went for the final battle (without Superman).

After the Justice League heroes defeated one by one, Superman appears and save the day.

There is no Green Lantern in this movie and there are two end credit spoilers.

First one is Superman vs Flash and see who is faster and the 2nd credit spoiler is Lex Luthor got away and formed his own heroes. Deathstroke is his first recruit and that’s it.

There is also a segment of the video of Korean band Black Pink’s ‘마지막처럼 (AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST)’.

We enjoyed this movie and you should watch it.





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