October 2, 2022

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Kyo Kaiseki at Japanese Ambassador’s Residence Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Kyo Kaiseki Dining at Japanese Ambassador’s Residence Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is a very special dining occasion as I was invited for a dining session at Japanese Ambassador’s Residence Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is part of the Ho Chak! In Japan TV series and we were there to blog about our experiences. This is a very special arrangement from The Japan Embassy Kuala Lumpur thanks to Nippon TV and also Fun Japan Malaysia.

What we had was a special Kyo-Kaiseki meals prepared by the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence chef. There are many restrictions such as taking photography in certain areas due to the security of the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence. Kyo-Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal from Kyoto.

We had the opportunity to check out the kitchen and it is huge. The chef was busy preparing the Kyo-Kaiseki meal for us and she was all alone preparing the meal. Creating the eight courses meal is not an easy task, each and every course reflects the skill and technique of the chef.

What did we have?

Satizuke (appetizer) – Sesame tofu, sea urchin, wasabi jelly, perilla buds

Mukozuke (side dish) –  Sea bream, tuna, hairtail, garnish

Nimonowan (soup dish) – Pike conger, water shield, micro tomato, Malabar spinach, green yuzu citrus

Hassun (assorted tibbits) Horse mackerel sushi rolls, saltwort, green soy tempura

Takiawase (cooked dish) – Simmered summer vegetables

Yakimono (grilled dish) – Season-grill butter fish, garnish

Shokuji (closing) – Rice cooked with various ingredients, pickles, red miso soup

Kanmi (dessert) – Mango, red bean, mochi

The proper way is to eat it one by one as the chef prepared for us. However as this is for TV and photo shooting, the chef created three sets. One set for photo and video filming, one set is prepared for the Ho Chak hosts and one set is for me.

You can watch my live tasting and reaction video below.

The Ho Chak hosts had it by one by one as the chef cooks in the kitchen to keep the best taste of the courses. The chef will also cook another two sets as mentioned earlier.

Since this Kyo-Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese meal and this is filmed in Japanese Ambassador’s Residence, the details are very important down to the positioning of the emblem on the plate and also the cutlery set.

It is all about perfection, details, texture and taste in this episode. The experience of having this Kyo-Kaiseki is a journey of tastes from Kyoto. I am very humbled to taste this kaiseki set in Japanese Ambassador’s Residence Kuala Lumpur.

We hope you watched the episodes of Ho Chak! In Japan or if not, you still can watch the episodes on www.tonton.com.my. Thank you, Fun Japan Malaysia and Nippon TV for collaborating with us. Check out all the reviews at Ho Chak! In Japan New TV Series on 8TV and all our behind the scenes videos on Youtube.

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