January 31, 2023

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TGV Chill X Diner Food and Snacks for Movies Review

Malaysians are popular to be ‘last minute’ kings and queens. We are always on the way or coming soon or reaching soon. Thus, we are always late for movies. Imagine you are hungry and you don’t have time for food and movies is starting soon, what you plan to eat?

Well, how about TGV Chill X Diner? Currently, there are available at TGV One Utama, TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Gurney Paragon Mall Penang and Vivacity Mall Kuching. All the outlets carry the same menu.



A quick glance at their menu, their snacks are ranging from RM 8 and mains are ranging from RM 14.

For snacks, they offer food like Garlic Cheese Bread, Corn Dog, Firecracker spicy sausage roll, Cheesy Wedges at RM 8. Chicken nuggets, poporns and Classic Dumper (Wedges, fries, chips, salsa, mayo and Cheese sauce) at RM 9. Meaty Dumper (similar with Classic Dumper with chicken) and Chicken Lasagna at RM 10.

For mains, they offer Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, Wrap – Mac & Chicken, Wrap – Hawaiian Chicken, Wrap – Mac & Beef Bacon at RM 14. Beef Sandwich or Chicken Sandwich at RM 15.

Meaty Dumper (RM 9)

Their Meaty Dumper basically pop corn chicken, wedges, fries, chips, salsa with mayo and Cheese sauce. This is a bit messy with the sauces but you won’t complain with that generous amount of the mayo and cheese sauce. You won’t be disappointed with this, crunchy bite size chicken, wedges and fries. This is good for sharing if you are a small eater.

Chicken Sandwich (RM 15)

Chicken sandwich with mushroom cheese sauce. This is surprising tasty to be honest. We are not a huge fan of sandwiches but this is good. The chicken is tender and the taste of the mushroom and cheese is so good. This is easy to eat in the cinema.

Beef Sandwich (RM 15)

Beef sandwich with mushroom cheese sauce. Similar to chicken but with beef patties. You can see how juicy is the filling with the cheese oozing out. The portion is good for one or sharing for two.

Wrap – Mac & Chicken (RM 14)

When it comes to tortilla wrap, there are not many good ones out there. Comment us a restaurant that offers tasty tortilla wrap. TGV Chill X Diner version of tortilla wrap comes with cheesy macaroni and fried popcorn chicken. You can tell from the picture how tasty it is. The chicken is juicy and tender and this is cinema food. Can you believe this?

Wrap – Beef Bacon & Mac (RM 14)

The beef and cheesy macaroni is as good as the chicken version. Look at the how juicy the beef bacon is and this how they cook the beef bacon right! The portion is good enough for one or sharing for two. This is good food for cinema.

We are not sure about food in other cinemas but you won’t be disappointed at TGV Chill X Diner for sure. TGV Chill X Diner is available at TGV One Utama, TGV Sunway Pyramid, TGV Gurney Paragon Mall Penang and Vivacity Mall Kuching.

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