December 7, 2023


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Dirty Bread | 脏脏包 Review

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Dirty Bread | 脏脏包 Review

dirty bread review

We heard and read about it. It is called Dirty Bread or Dirty Bun or better known as 脏脏包  ‘Zang Zang Bao’ (which translate to dirty bun). This new craze started from China and now it is available in Malaysia.

dirty bread

There are a few bakeries are selling Dirty Bread and they are D’Croissant, Lavender Bakery and Donutes Coffee and Cake. We bought the Dirty Bread from Lavender Bakery and we did a video for the review.

It is priced at RM 6.80 each and they will put it nicely in the paper bag for you. The Dirty Bread is covered with cocoa powder and it is messy.

Thus, I prepared a plastic plate for the food tasting review. The moment you hold the Dirty Bread, your hands will be covered by chocolate.

Basically, the texture of the bread is similar to croissant but this is in chocolate flavour. There is some chocolate filling inside and the outer layer is layered with chocolate and coated with cocoa powder. That is the main reason when you hold it, your hands will be covered by chocolate.

You can hear the crisps from the texture of the bread. The chocolate is tasty and sinful for sure. You will get chocolate overdose once you finished the whole bread. If you are a chocolate lover, you must try this dirty bread.

dirty bread wilson ng

We would advise you to share the Dirty Bread or at least put on the plastic gloves on. At least it won’t be so messy. It will be better if you complement this Dirty Bread with tea or water.

We love the taste and the texture of this Dirty Bread but it won’t be as addictive as the Japanese baked cheese tarts in our opinion. We hope you like our honest review and thanks for reading and following us.

This is Dirty Bread or 脏脏包 from Lavender Bakery.

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