October 23, 2021

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

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5.Walking Trails

For those who love to jog and walk, the walking trails in the Blue Mountains are a must visit. In Australia, they call it Bushwalking and there are three popular bushwalking trails you must try in the Blue Mountains. They are Perrys Lookdown, Carlotta Arch Walking Track and Mount Solitary Walking Track.

Carlotta Arch Walking Track

Carlotta Arch Walking Track is also known as the Shaping Waters Walk. This is the shortest walking track among the rest. It is around 0.8km one way and expect to complete the trail from 30 min to an hour depending on your pace. At this walking track, prepare to be wowed by the beauty of the Jenolan Caves. This walking track offers you a bird’s eye view of the Blue Lake and it is also great for bird watching so get your binoculars and tele-lenses ready.

Perrys Lookdown

Perrys Lookdown is advisable for more experienced walkers. It is located at the end of Hat Hill Road, Blackhealth and it offers scenic views over Grose Valley, Blue Gum Forest and Mount Banks. There is also a bushwalk with the steepest descent into the famous Blue Gum Forest. To complete the trail, you need five and half hours.

Mount Solitary Walking Track

This is the walking track for the professionals. Mount Solitary Walking Track is a challenging track and you will go through heath, woodlands, rainforest and you will need to do some hiking.

The entire walk is 12km and experienced bushwalkers can take 6 to 9 hours to complete. Thus, expect to send the entire day for Mount Solitary Walking Track and it offers spectacular valley views as well as birdwatching.



Katoomba Falls

Another highlight of the Blue Mountains are the waterfalls. There are a number of waterfalls that you must visit in the Blue Mountains. The popular ones include Wentworth Falls, Katoomba Falls and Leura Cascades.

Leura Cascades

7.Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves is a must visit place in the Blue Mountains. It is one of the oldest and finest cave systems and it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. There are guided tours of the caves depending on your fitness levels.

The Imperial Cave

Jenolan Caves offers 11 show caves, underground rivers and amazing rock formations dating back hundreds of millions of years. Thus, you can also find out more about the prehistoric past and search for extinct fossilised animals as part of the guided fossil tours. The Jenolan Caves is nothing like you have seen before in Australia and it is a must visit.

Jenolan Caves

This is not just caves but you get to learn so much which is good for family travels. Jenolan Caves is the main highlight of the Blue Mountains and Australia.

Tours of the caves operate seven days a week at regular intervals from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Check out their official website at http://www.jenolancaves.org.au/ including how to get there.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

  1. It is a gorgeous place indeed. Don’t forget the beautiful town of Leaura in the Blue Mountain that would remind you of the Gilmore Girls tiny town.

  2. Wow, the place looks stunning. My favorites from your list are the Three Sisters rock formations (so majestic) and the Everglades Gardens. Scenic World also sounds like a nice day out option.

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