June 8, 2023

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Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages for Family Stay in Tasmania

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Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages for Family Stay in Tasmania

When it comes to traveling to Tasmania Australia in a group or in family, self drive is always the wise choice. It is the cheaper option and you get to see more while driving through the best sceneries in Australia. One of the must see in Tasmania is the beautiful Cradle Mountain and the Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages is ideal for family stay. Find out more about self drive in Tasmania here.

We travelled to Cradle Mountain twice, once in Summer and once in Winter. This is our second visit to Cradle Mountain and it was during Winter in July. Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages is one of the few accommodations that is available in this area. Please take a look at the short video we took during our stay at Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages.

The Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages we stayed comes with one big bed with two single beds and one bathroom.

It also comes with a mini kitchen so you can cook here as there are no restaurants in this area except in other hotels. We recommend you to take away from nearby town when you drive to Cradle Mountain.

The cottage comes with heater / air conditioner. It is warm staying here even though it cold and snowing outside during winter.

It is extremely quiet here as this is in the wild and you probably hear the noises from the animals out there than your neighbours.

There are parking spaces in between cottages so you don’t have to worry about parking spaces.

There are entrance fees to visit the Cradle Mountains so do prepare for that. There are many fun activities to here such as star gazing, hiking and experience the nature like you never before.

Sadly, we were traveling with friends during this trip and we really hope to come back again with our boys.

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful places we have visited in Australia and it is a must visit for those who are planning to travel to Down Under.

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If you are planning to visit Tasmania, do remember that there are four seasons in this part of Australia. For more stories on Tasmania, visit https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/australia/australia-tasmania

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