January 29, 2023

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Ichiran Ramen Pop Up Store at Isetan KLCC?

We saw a few local portals mentioning that Japan’s famous Ichiran Ramen is going to have the Pop Up store in Isetan KLCC next month. We try to look for the original source or statement from Isetan but we couldn’t find it.

The following details are posted by the other portals such as KL Foodie and other Facebook Pages.

Ichiran Ramen Pop Up Store at Isetan KLCC

Date: 23-30 March 2020

Venue: Isetan KLCC

Like we mentioned earlier, we couldn’t find the original statement of this so let’s play by ears and don’t be over excited first.

What is Ichiran Ramen? Ichiran Ramen is a popular ramen chain originated from Fukuoka Japan. They are specialising in tonkotsu ramen or Hakata ramen. Ichiran Ramen started in Fukuoka in 1960 and they started expanding since 1993 in Japan and other outlets around the world.

We visited Ichiran Ramen restaurants in Osaka, Tokyo and their headquarter in Fukuoka. Most of the Ichiran Ramen restaurants in Japan and around the world are packed with long queue except the headquarter restaurant in Fukuoka.

Their concept is simple, purchase the noodle via the ticketing machine, wait for your ‘cubicle’ and they will serve the ramen at your cubicle. Once you finish the ramen, you leave the cubicle and the next person will sit at your cubicle.

The Ichiran Ramen restaurant in HQ Fukuoka offers table seating but others are usually cubicle style seating.

Is Ichiran Ramen Pop Store coming to Isetan KLCC? We just have to wait and see for official announcement.

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