February 9, 2023

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Macao Casinos Will Be Closed for 15 days

Some news from Macao as some of my friends are staying there. Macao Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng announced all gaming operations at 41 casinos cease for the next 15 days as of midnight on 5 February, with a possible extension depending on the severity and duration of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Starting tomorrow morning, all casinos in Macao will be closed for 15 days and this is not good for gaming business.

On top of the casinos, all entertainment centers such as nightclubs, cinemas and theaters to temporarily shut their doors as well. However, hotels, restaurants and shops at Macao’s integrated resorts will remain open.

According to my friends, the city is like a ghost town now and everyone is wearing mask in Macao. Employers also encourage employees to work from home for some cases.

We enjoyed traveling to Macao and we visited the country many times. We wish all the best for Macao and we have plans to visit the country this year. The Macao casinos will be closed for 15 days for now. You read all our Macao stories at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/macau-asia-2

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