December 7, 2023


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Ichiran Ramen KLCC Pop Up Store Offering Chicken Broth

The Ichiran Ramen KLCC Pop Up Store is happening from 13th March to 22nd March 2020. There were so much hype from websites and Facebook Pages and we got to know that the Ichiran Ramen KLCC Pop Up Store is Offering Chicken Broth. What is wrong with Ichiran Ramen with chicken broth?

ichiran tokyo
This is our photo taken in Tokyo. The reason why everyone queued for Ichiran Ramen is for their tonkotsu ramen!

Ichiran Ramen started in Fukuoka in 1960s and they have been specialising in tonkotsu ramen which is the pork bone broth ramen. Tonkotsu means pork bone broth. For over 50 years, they make their name selling tonkotsu ramen and hence the long queue in most of their restaurants in Japan and around the world.

Last year, they opened their first pork free and alcohol free ramen restaurant in Shinjuku. However, they have been specialising tonkotsu ramen for decades.

ichiran ramen tonkotsu
Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen with extra pork and egg!

The reason why the long queue as everyone want to taste the aroma, the flavour and essence of the tonkotsu broth and also the different types of ramen they offered. Yes, you can argue they have a pork free ramen but that is not what they are popular for. Hence, if you want the real Ichiran Ramen, go to Japan and you won’t be disappointed!

Remember this, Ichiran Ramen is well known for their tonkotsu ramen and not chicken ramen.


You can queue up for this chicken version from 11 am to 10 pm with 500 bowls of ramen available for RM 22 each bowl at Isetan KLCC.

ichiran ramen instant

You might consider getting the instant Ichiran Ramen that comes with pork broth. It is available in some high end supermarkets in KL.

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